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    WHat to do with horribly sweet wine?

    In December 2016, I got my first ever supply of EC-1118. Excited, I decided to experiment by making a wine with high ABV. Without researching and calculating, I took grape juice and added enough sugar to up the starting SG to 1.200 -I had in mind that the OG is usually 1.200 instead of 1.100 or...
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    Help Me Make Strawberry Wine

    Hi I now have the following ingredients, so hopefully I'll be able to make better wines. (wine-making materials are not available where I live so my previous attemts have been using bread yeast and also natural, on the fruit yeast.) Yeast: EC-1118 Pectic Enzyme (Powdered and drops)...
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    How to preserve bulk dry yeast?

    Hi, I finally received a pound pack of EC-1118. It has an expiry date of Oct. 2018, so I now have lots of yeast to make good wine with. What I am worried about is how to preserve so much yeast for such a long time once the packet is opened. Hope some of you can tell me how I should do it...
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    Is it Pectin Haze?

    I used 1/3 tsp of gelatin as fining to clear my red wine made from fresh grapes. The carboy had already been in the fridge for over a week. The result was immediately cloudy wine. I had previously had the same problem with my strawberry wine a few months ago. I had attributed that to using...
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    How do I preserve my yeast culture?

    I read somewhere you need to add glycerine to the yeast culture in order to freeze it for future use, however, I am not sure how to go about it. I have a starter cultured from grapes naturally. Any suggestions how I save it for the future? Please keep in mind I can neither buy commercial wine...
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    My First Red Grape Wine - The Actual Recipe

    Okay guys, I thought I should start a new thread because like it or not, here is how it has been done. Furthermore, I wanted to post updates as it progresses. 7 kg Red Grapes (Afraid they had to be table grapes.) 1 liter Red Grape Juice (sugar and preservatives free) 1 cup cane sugar...
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    K-Meta: How much powder to use?

    Hi, Finally I was able to get half a pound of K-Meta from a chemicals supplier. It is in powdered form. How much of a teaspoon would be equal to 1 Campden tablet? Thanks!
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    Help Needed: Wine from Fresh Grapes

    Hi everybody! This is my first post in here apart from the introduction. I am going to ask different questions as separate replies so you can reply to specific questions. I have previously never made wine from fresh grapes, though I did make one from fresh strawberries that turned out pretty...
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    Hello from Pakistan!

    Hi there ladies and gents, I live in Pakistan where drinking (for Muslims) is supposed to be prohibited yet many drink. There are government licensed liquor shops that sell locally manufactured beer, vodka, gin and whiskey. These shops are supposed to sell only to non-muslims but they sell to...