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    question about chaptilization

    I processed some peaches in the fall and put them in the freezer, and then I set them out to thaw two days ago. They are thawed ready to be put in a bucket and start fermenting today. Problem is, chaptilization has been a thorn in my side. I've heard different quantities per volume to raise the...
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    Has anyone here ever made wine with whey? I know it can be done, I just don't know how.
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    Using a Dairy Bulk Tank

    This little brewery is starting up, and they said they got a hold of a 450 gallon milk bulk tank. Thing is, I grew up on a dairy farm which dad shut down in the late 90s, and I want to start a cidery, so I keep debating if I can convert the bulk tank into something usable. I asked the new...
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    Pressing Fruit

    One thing which I have not tried out but had been wondering about it recently is fruit pressing (not grapes or apples). Shallon Winery in Astoria, OR claims not to add any water or sugar to its peach wine, so I was wondering how he might press the peaches. I recently stumbled across a...
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    Starting a new business

    So I got this crazy idea last summer to open up a cidery, and it seems like the best place to find out information to go about doing it is to mimic wineries. Does anyone have a story, suggestion, book recommendation, website link, etc about how to get something like this off the ground...