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  1. jgmillr1

    Attempt to manage crown gall and rabbit damage

    I've been growing crown gall, I mean Chambourcin, for the last 10 years. It has been a constant battle with crown gall where I end up retraining trunks every 2-3 years. Naturally this means I've never been able to achieve much more than a 25% yield. This year I'm trying something different that...
  2. jgmillr1

    Winery equipment for sale new Louisville, KY

    Quibble Hill Winery has announced they are selling all of their winemaking equipment. See the attached a pdf of their equipment list. The equipment is pretty small scale (good for very small wineries or a serious hobbyist) and upwards of 1/4 off what it would be new, so not an especially great...
  3. jgmillr1

    Spotted Lantern Fly webinar 10/29 11am EDT

    A spreading invasive threat: Spotted Lanternfly Webinar from EABU Spotted lanternfly are a threat to over 80 species of plants and are rapidly spreading across the country. Join us this Thursdays at 11:00 AM ET to learn what you need to know! Tom Baker of Pennsylvania State University discuss...
  4. jgmillr1

    Webinar 8/25 4:30pm EDT: Dealing with high pH and TA fruit & wines

    August 25, 2020 4:30 PM Cation exchange and other winemaking practices for dealing with high pH and high TA fruit and wines Wines with both a high pH and high titratable acidity (TA) are problematic due to their increased likelihood of fault development. Most interventions to reduce either pH...
  5. jgmillr1

    Webinar - 8/11 4:30pm EDT: Biology and management of post-veraison fruit rots

    August 11, 2020 4:30 PM Biology and management post-veraison fruit rots. Botrytis bunch rot and sour rots are important issues in susceptible varieties starting at veraison. Join us for a discussion about the diseases, the role of climate (particularly warm, humid nights), insects, and vine...
  6. jgmillr1

    Winter damage to trunks - when to just train up a new sucker?

    This last winter wasn't particularly cold but it had some major cold events when the vines were not totally prep'ed for the depths of winter. We hit 4'F at the beginning of November last fall, less than a month after the leaves had fallen. This summer I've noticed some damage and root-let growth...
  7. jgmillr1

    Threshold for controlling leaf phylloxera?

    I don't generally have major issues with phylloxera damage to leaves in the vineyard, but they little buggers seem to really like the frontenac. I've been treating the issue as a nuisance but at some point in severity it must begin to impact the leaf's ability to photosynthesize and ultimately...
  8. jgmillr1

    Free Webinar 7/30 9AM PDT - Enzymes in Winemaking: Activities, Applications, Actions

    Re-posting an email invite I got in case anyone has interest. Register here: Topic Enzymes in Winemaking: Activities, Applications, Actions Description Using enzymes can be highly beneficial for wine quality, it is...
  9. jgmillr1

    Gusmer webinar 7/23 10am PDT - spectroscopic analysis

    In case anyone is interested, I got an email invitation that Gusmer is hosting a webinar on their OenoFoss spectroscopic analytical tool on July 23 at 10am pacific. This may be a little beyond the scope of many home winemakers on this forum but it is interesting to know what tools are out there...
  10. jgmillr1

    Juice delivery day

    In case anyone wondered how wineries receive and transport moderate volumes of bulk wine or juice, this is one way it is done. This is a refrigerated truck with five 550-gallon tanks installed in it that comes with a hydraulic pump and a long line of 2-in hoses. The truck also can hold a dozen...
  11. jgmillr1

    Webinar this morning on managing high pH grapes

    Sorry for the short notice. I jsut got a notice that Bucher Vaslin is putting on a webinar that may be of interest to those in this group 6/16 8:30-9:30 pacific Register here TODAY - High pH grapes and wines: challenges and...
  12. jgmillr1

    Suggestions for managing shelf weight in commercial wine fridge

    I bought a 3-door merchandiser fridge to keep wine cold for customer consumption onsite. The shelves are each about 2ft by 2ft and can fit 4 cases of wine. However, the weight is a bit much for the stock wire shelves and there is some noticeable bowing on a couple wire shelves already. So, I...
  13. jgmillr1

    Theory: rabbits contributing to crown gall?

    So I know I have the vermin in the vineyard. One area of my chambourcin is much more severely impacted by crown gall than another. At first I'd attributed that to soil and vigor differences but I'm now thinking that rabbits are playing a starring role. Not that it takes much for Chambourcin to...
  14. jgmillr1

    How filtered are your dry, aged reds at bottling?

    I realize there are different schools of thought on this, so I wanted to try a poll to see what the most common practice is currently employed these days. An article earlier this year in Wine business monthly tangentially touched on dry red wine processing and it was nearly uniform that the...
  15. jgmillr1

    What is this disease on the shoots?

    I'm wondering if someone out there with an experienced eye can help identify what the disease is causing the lesions on these vine shoots. This is a "Sheridan" grapevine (labrusca) that seems to be sensitive to a wide variety of diseases throughout the season. The photo is from early Sept...
  16. jgmillr1

    AO method for SO2 measurement - impact of oxygen on final measurement

    So this is somewhat of a technical and nitpicking question on the AO procedure. The way it was taught to me, and the way I've been doing it, was to bubble air through the acidified wine solution. However, some of the sulfites in the wine that I'm trying to measure likely end up binding with the...
  17. jgmillr1

    Skeeter is now my best seller

    I have to share that I'd never heard of SP until last year. I made small commercial trial batch to test the waters for customer appeal and it sold out within weeks. I doubled the batch for the next round and dealt with issues I had with first batch. After a month it too is almost sold out and I...
  18. jgmillr1

    Bag in box bottling solution

    Anyone know of a decent manual bag in box bottling option for small scale limited use? I'm looking to put a small portion of my wine into bags to make it easier to take to off-site events.
  19. jgmillr1

    DeChaunac spring shoot tip die off

    I put in a couple hundred DeChaunac vines a couple years ago. Of the 13 varietals growing in my vineyard, this is one of the more peculiar. In the spring it buds out fine and seems to produce an large quantity of flower clusters. Sometime around bloom the plant is beset by some sort of die-off...
  20. jgmillr1

    Pectic enzymes - this is why you use it

    Quick background: I like to fully comprehend the impact of every addition we use in making wine, so I'll periodically run small experiments. In this case I looked at the impact of making strawberry wine with and without pectic enzyme, among a handful of other trials. In this experiment, EC1118...