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  1. Ct Winemaker

    Help with small vineyard planning

    Take a look at Double A vineyards. Vine prices are very reasonable, and their web site is very helpful for making decisions, including trellis system.
  2. Ct Winemaker

    Fermentation funk odors

    There are a variety of smells associated with fermentation most of which are normal and not necessarily “good”. When the fermentation is fully developed (cranking along at high speed!), there is usually associated heat and some funky odors. What you are smelling may be completely normal and...
  3. Ct Winemaker

    St. Vincent not ripening

    Confirmed by Double A, over Cropped! Lots to learn about growing grapes. Appearantly young St. Vincent vines are prone to that (3rd season in vineyard). Picked them today, 360 lbs from 39 vines, about 16 Brix. WiIl do our best with them- sweet low ABV wine.
  4. Ct Winemaker

    St. Vincent not ripening

    Thanks folks. Sounds like I should have thinned the clusters a bit. Neb Farmer, I do check with a spectrometer (only mentioned taste since I always taste will measuring in an attempt to roughly calibrate my taste buds🙂). I also conduct a very complete spray schedule throughout the year (vines...
  5. Ct Winemaker

    St. Vincent not ripening

    Hello Folks, we have St. Vincent grapes hanging (and wilting) on the vines (39 fully loaded vines). They just don't seem to be ripening, with Brix ranging about 12-14. They are however shriveling / wilting and have been in about this same range for weeks now. We're on the verge of frost here...
  6. Ct Winemaker

    Chardonnel disease question

    Ugh! Yes spraying every 14 days or more if it rains. Definatly the same as the other Chardonnal vines and grapes. After looking more carefully, there are signs of the same to a much lesser degree on other vines (and also on St. Vincent). its been exceptionally wet and rainy. Any suggestions...
  7. Ct Winemaker

    Chardonnel disease question

    Can anyone help identify what's going on here? This is a 3rd year Chardonnel vine. Only one out of 39 Chardonnel vines have this problem. Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  8. Ct Winemaker

    Label printers

    Thanks Adrian, very helpful. We're at that decision point - print our own or have printed. As with all business decisions, there are pros and cons either way. Not fully convinced yet on which way to go. Thanks again.
  9. Ct Winemaker

    Label printers

    Hello Tanglefoot Wine Cellar, We are considering this printer as well, so hope you don't mind a few questions. Have you determined an approximate cost / label? What material are you printing on? Are you using Dye or Pigment ink? Any problems with the unit or getting print stock or ink? Thank...
  10. Ct Winemaker

    Sealing the Speidel Plastic Fermenter - 120L / 31.7 gal

    We have used that unit to ferment white wine. The seal is a pain and a bit of hit or miss. Most successful approach we found is to have one person put down pressure on the cover while the other closes the Band clamp. Not a great set up, but once closed / clamped, it does hold.
  11. Ct Winemaker

    Lydia’s Vineyard (CT)

    Hello Wineisgud. We are also in CT (Windham County). We planted a small vineyard (May 2019) that will be into it's 3rd season this year, so plan to harvest fruit. We have 117 vines (Marquette, St. Vincent, Chardonnel) split evenly. We will be adding 50 St. Croix this year (double A shipping...
  12. Ct Winemaker

    commercial tank suggestions

    GreginND, Thanks for the input much appreciated. I will look into the Letina tanks before finalizing my decision. We do have space "blocked out" for finished goods cold storage, but based on your comments, I might consider a little more (space had to be designed out in order to provide TTB a...
  13. Ct Winemaker

    commercial tank suggestions

    Thanks jgmillr1 for the thoughts. The building is a large industrial building that was designed for extremely heavy floor loading. It has been evaluated by structural engineers multiple times and the soon to be winery space was most recently used for a machine shop with heavy mills and lathes...
  14. Ct Winemaker

    commercial tank suggestions

    jgmillr1, thank you very much. That is exactly the information / experience / insight I was hoping for, very helpful! In regards to size, I have a couple of constraints to consider. The winery will be in a beautiful 1893 stone mill that my wife and I own. We have a large space (about 4,300 sq...
  15. Ct Winemaker

    commercial tank suggestions

    Hello Folks, We're going commercial, and are looking for recommendations for tanks. To you commercial folks, if you were starting again, what tanks would you use. Our plan is as follows: Starting with two Variable Volume tanks - 1,000 to 1,100 Ltr. (290 gal) Will have glycol cooling system...
  16. Ct Winemaker

    Cleaning enolmatic

    We use one of these and find it to work great. Cleaning is simple, run enough water through it to flush and then run sanitizer through. the vac / over flow collection chamber is easily rinsed in a sink. We use SO2 (potassium metabasulfit) for all sanitizing. Best bottling system for home...
  17. Ct Winemaker

    Adding oak

    In red wine, we typically use medium toast French oak dust (powder) at 1/4 cup per 5 gallons of must. Added directly into the must prior to inoculating with yeast.
  18. Ct Winemaker


    I use this pump (available from Morewine and others) and the same household filter that Cuz shows in his OP. Filter goes between pump and “final wine destination”. So you are pushing the wine through with positive pressure instead of “sucking” which tends to draw air into the smallest possible...
  19. Ct Winemaker

    French oak wine barrel care

    There is a lot to caring for and using barrels. You might want to google ”Morewine barrel care manual” for excellent advise for barrel usage.
  20. Ct Winemaker

    Adding oak

    Cuz, for clarification, the “pros“ usually add oak powder during fermentation added right to the must prior to inoculating with yeast. The powder adds body and tanin structure as others noted, but does not add oak flavor. At the completion of fermentation and while aging, oak can be added for...