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    question about chaptilization

    I processed some peaches in the fall and put them in the freezer, and then I set them out to thaw two days ago. They are thawed ready to be put in a bucket and start fermenting today. Problem is, chaptilization has been a thorn in my side. I've heard different quantities per volume to raise the...
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    Has anyone here ever made wine with whey? I know it can be done, I just don't know how.
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    Using a Dairy Bulk Tank

    Sorry, that would be hard cider. It is just one of those things where I have this dream, and I have this tank that some would kill for - can I get the two to work together? I have time to figure it out. Well, we had some 100 lb milk producers a milking if they had just calved (given birth)...
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    Using a Dairy Bulk Tank

    Alright, I see that I jumped in here assuming people knew what I was talking about, so I’ll go back to the beginning. Milk tanks are stainless steel. They do not rust, or there would be problems with America’s milk supply. A milk truck, the ones you see on the highway, carry about...
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    Using a Dairy Bulk Tank

    I don't know if I need to take them out or if it is fine to leave them. I don't know what it takes to convert this thing. That's why/what I'm asking. I was hoping somebody who has done this could point me in some direction for research.
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    Using a Dairy Bulk Tank

    I know head space is the enemy. I don't need to go get the tank - it has been sitting on my parent's farm unused now for 13 years, so it can sit a few more before I ramp up production enough to use it. The question is, how do I get it usable for cider? It had paddles with a motor, and a hole on...
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    Using a Dairy Bulk Tank

    This little brewery is starting up, and they said they got a hold of a 450 gallon milk bulk tank. Thing is, I grew up on a dairy farm which dad shut down in the late 90s, and I want to start a cidery, so I keep debating if I can convert the bulk tank into something usable. I asked the new...
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    Hot Cinnamon Wine Ideas?

    I have some red hots in my pantry that I was going to make Russian tea with (tang, instant ice tea with various spices and red hots. Serve hot like a mulled cider) but never did. Thing is, I looked one day and realized the little buggers were preservative free. Better yet, I got them from the...
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    Pressing Fruit

    But do you squeeze it or press it when you take it out?
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    Pressing Fruit

    Let me ask again - when do you press/squeeze juice? I ask because it seems like some people freek out if you squeeze the mesh bag when you remove it from the primary. Why?
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    Pressing Fruit

    Supermarkets? Why would you got to a supermaket when the farms here grown that stuff? U-pick and roadside fruit stands are the way to go!
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    Pressing Fruit

    I guess I see posts where people swear they didn't squeeze the mesh when they took it out of the primary. Why is squeezing bad? Do I have access to peaches? I live in the Pacific NW where you can find just about anything within a 2 hour radius. Okay, maybe not citrus, but there are peaches...
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    State and Federal regulations / taxes

    What website were you looking at? I want to start a cidery eventually.
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    Pressing Fruit

    One thing which I have not tried out but had been wondering about it recently is fruit pressing (not grapes or apples). Shallon Winery in Astoria, OR claims not to add any water or sugar to its peach wine, so I was wondering how he might press the peaches. I recently stumbled across a...
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    What is your WEIRDEST wine you made?

    Shallon Winery in Astoria, OR makes a cranberry whey wine. I love the stuff. It looks like cranberry juice, as it is quite clear.
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    What is your WEIRDEST wine you made?

    I have made a wine that is 2 parts red bell pepper and one part peach. I looks like a peach wine, and I'm having problems getting it to clear. Initially, when it went dry, I thought it wasn't all that good and would need back sweetening, but with some age, it seems to be getting better and I...
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    Oscar 900 juicer

    Okay, I was under the impression that you could crush fruit in a bag and add it to the primary if you were using water, which this recipe is. However, if you don't want filler (water), then wouldn't juicing it be the alternative? I probably wouldn't add the pulp back. I mean, that's how you...
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    Starting a new business

    So I got this crazy idea last summer to open up a cidery, and it seems like the best place to find out information to go about doing it is to mimic wineries. Does anyone have a story, suggestion, book recommendation, website link, etc about how to get something like this off the ground...
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    Conversion Calculator and Helpful Tools

    Here is my wine log. It has a few things I haven't quite worked out, but all in all, it works pretty well for most of the fruit wines and ciders that I make.
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    Has anyone made or bought carboy covers / cozy

    Somebody recently suggested using just plain paper grocery bags with a hole cut in it. Granted, it would be insulated then, but it would keep a good portion of the light out, at least on smaller carboys.