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  1. Berry Juice


    I have several EC-1118 packets I have collected from all these kits. Can they be used for bread yeast substitute? It seems all the local grocery stores are stocked out of Fleshman's bread yeast.
  2. Berry Juice

    Cab smells of KMeta

    Hello all, I have a RJS Cru Select Cab that's been sitting in a 5 gal carboy for a year now. I have been hitting it with 1/4 tsp of kmeta every 3 months. On my last drop about a month ago, I noticed a strong smell coming from it. It didn't concern me at the time, but today its been a full year...
  3. Berry Juice

    Leaving Oak cubes in carboy

    How long can I leave oak cubes in the carboy? Any harm with leaving them in there for 6 months or 1yr? I've got some bottles that's it's been in there that long...
  4. Berry Juice

    Skeeter Pee low ABV

    I've made my first batch of SP. I understand it's suppose to be low ABV. Starting SG 1.090 Ending .999 Which should put it almost 12% Last night, I polished off a quart and had no buzz feeling effect. Felt like it was just lemonaid...... I was wondering if I added a little vodka to it to bump up...
  5. Berry Juice

    Hot Pee

    I started my first batch of Lime/Lemon Pee Tuesday. So far I have used 2 packs of Red Star Premier Classique (Montrachet) 1 pack mixed with white grape juice on day one. Then sprinkled on top day 3. Starting SG 1.095 and nothing is happening. Hit it with some FermAid O last night and still...
  6. Berry Juice

    Over Tweaked Advise

    Hello All, In the begining of my learning process, I made several Fontana kits using FPacks from black berries, blue berries, currents. Not knowing exactly how much to use, i think I have over tweaked them. They have been in the bottle since May and starting to open them to see how they are...
  7. Berry Juice


    As I was adding my 3 month chems to all my wines, on my last bottle of a Zin blush I pulled a little out and mixed in the meta, then poured it back in the bottle. Then I thought I'd give it a smell and was over powered by the smell of vinegar left in the bowl I mixed it in. Should I let it sit...
  8. Berry Juice

    Cellar Craft CC Sterling Amarone

    Hello all, In another post, I mentioned making my first Amarone kit. It was suggested to add an Allgrape pack. Is this good advice? I plan on using BM4X4 and all the Fermaid K at first and O later. I also want to save the skins that came with it for my next kit (Cab\Zin\Syrah) should I use the...
  9. Berry Juice


    Hello all, I just enjoyed a very nice Cab Cliff Lede Stags Leap Cab. What kit is out there that compares to this CAB Vivino says this is a $80 but I paied$125. I any case it was surperb bottle. I want to make this, is it possible???
  10. Berry Juice

    APV Question

    OK, Been making kits for the past 8 months, learned a lot & having fun, now I have just starting to try a batch I made 6 months ago, Fontana Merlot. Taste is great but after 2 bottles, I'm not feeling the buzz. From my calculation, my SG is always 1.100 range and finish at .998/.996 range. That...
  11. Berry Juice

    BM4X4 Yeast

    Hello All, Starting a new batch of WE Select Cab this weekend. I also picked up some BM4X4 yeast. I have read some post that says it's a nutriant hog. Is there something else I need to make sure this yeast works properly?
  12. Berry Juice

    Dried Skins

    Hello All, I just purchased a Mivino Cab and it came with dried skins. Should I let the skins float free in the primary or put them in a bag? It came with a cheesecloth bag. Is this for squeezing them during the 5 day primary or easier to transfer to the secondary, if you even do that for...
  13. Berry Juice

    Master Vintner Weekday Wine Cab

    Would this be the same as Fontana or better quality? Master Vintner™ Weekday Wine™ Cabernet Sauvignon Recipe Kit
  14. Berry Juice

    Cork weeping

    Is it common to see corks weeping? I have 1 bottle of Merlot that I corked 6 months ago and I noticed little dots of red on the cork. They have been laying flat and unmoved.
  15. Berry Juice

    5 gallon batch

    Anything to be concerned about if I make a 5 gal batch of Master Vintners Weekday Cab instead of 6 gal? What will the favor profile be? Should I use BM4x4 or RC1112? I want to use this 8.5 Gal demijohn and I need 2 kits.
  16. Berry Juice

    8.5 Gal Bottle

    I found this 8.5 Gal bottle, Since all kits call for 6 gal, which Cab kit can I cheat on and make 2 - 5 gal batches? I figure, out of the 10 gal batch, 8.5 can fill this one up plus a 1 gal, the remaining is usually lees anyway.
  17. Berry Juice

    Moving vines

    I'm sure it been posted before, but I need to ask how to move some vines. A guy in fla wants to get rid of his 30 vines and I want to move then a few states North. Got any suggestions on best time to cut and how much to cut them back.
  18. Berry Juice

    Cheap Zin Blush

    I was wanting to play with a cheap Zin Blush ($40) and add one of these; Winexpert Red Grape Concentrate - 1 Liter ($24) Brix is 68 Concentrate is three times the regular juice Mainly used to increase alcohol and body Can also be used as a sweetener and it will give your wine a nice "Grapey"...
  19. Berry Juice

    RJS Craft Winemaking - Grand Cru - Merlot

    Just orderd a RJS Craft Winemaking - Grand Cru - Merlot & a Additive Pack for Brehm Frozen Fruit (Reds) Anyone have any success stories to share?
  20. Berry Juice

    Why are my wines turning out sweet

    I have made 4 different 6 gal batches of Fontana Merlot, Cab, Shiraz types 2 months ago. I do not backsweeten them. I made them all about the same way with my homemade FPACK (Box currants & 16oz blackberry or bluberries to the primary) All starting SG was 1.110 and finished to .996, and PH is...