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  1. Ct Winemaker

    St. Vincent not ripening

    Hello Folks, we have St. Vincent grapes hanging (and wilting) on the vines (39 fully loaded vines). They just don't seem to be ripening, with Brix ranging about 12-14. They are however shriveling / wilting and have been in about this same range for weeks now. We're on the verge of frost here...
  2. Ct Winemaker

    Chardonnel disease question

    Can anyone help identify what's going on here? This is a 3rd year Chardonnel vine. Only one out of 39 Chardonnel vines have this problem. Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  3. Ct Winemaker

    commercial tank suggestions

    Hello Folks, We're going commercial, and are looking for recommendations for tanks. To you commercial folks, if you were starting again, what tanks would you use. Our plan is as follows: Starting with two Variable Volume tanks - 1,000 to 1,100 Ltr. (290 gal) Will have glycol cooling system...
  4. Ct Winemaker

    Need pruning advise

    Hello Folks, These are Marquette vines that we planted 1year ago. They are from Double A and were classified as 1x. As you can see, they are doing great and are loaded with grapes. question is what to do about shoot pruning and grape removal. Since we are new to growing grape, we really...
  5. Ct Winemaker

    Root stock or Scion roots?

    Hello, This past spring we planted 39 Chardonel grafted vines. They grew well and most reached the mid wire (for mid wire cordon training) and in some cases were trained along the wire in both directions. When we removed the grow tubes this fall, some had roots like the attached picture...
  6. Ct Winemaker

    Opinions of Chromatography results

    Hello Folks, Looking for opinions / help reading this Malo (Chromatography) result. Wine 1,2 and 5 are look done, questions are; 1) Wine 3 (Chardonnay) - looks "partially" done, but is it actually going through Malo at all? 2) Does the presence of some indication at the Lactic level indicate...
  7. Ct Winemaker

    Help identifying this fungus

    hello, Can anyone help me identify what’s going on with this vine? New Vinyard, 1 month since planting, St Vincent, NE Connecticut. Thank you very much.
  8. Ct Winemaker

    Noblesse made wine cloudy

    Looking for ideas. We have 18 gallons of Riesling made last fall (California grapes). It was looking good (clear) and near ready to bottle but a slight off taste and nose. It was suggested we try Noblesse which we did. It made the wine cloudy and appears like it will not clear. Wine...
  9. Ct Winemaker

    Are these vines OK?

    Hello Folks, We planted our vineyard about 12 days ago, 39 Chardonel, 39 St. Vincent, 39 Marquette. Since we are absolutely new at this, we have some questions we could use some help with; The picture of the self rooted vine is a St. Vincent: Did we leave too much when we trimmed the bare...
  10. Ct Winemaker

    Trellis method suggestions

    Hello All, we're getting ready to install the trellis system for our new small vineyard and are looking for thoughts on what method of trellis to use. We're planting 39 vines each of the following; Chardonel, St. Vincent, Marquette. Double A Vineyards (source of the vines) recommends MWC (mid...
  11. Ct Winemaker

    End Post source

    Hello folks, Looking for a source for end posts in the North East Connecticut area. Turning out to be a little more difficult to source than I expected. I would like round wood posts preferably 6 inch (or more) in diameter, by 8 ft long. The small Vineyard we are planting this spring will...
  12. Ct Winemaker

    If you did it again?

    Hello, I'm in the process of prepping soil for spring planting in north east Connecticut. My question is to others that are growing in this or a similar climate (zone 6). We are going to start with about 60 vines (30 red/ 30 white), and have room for significantly more in the future. If you...
  13. Ct Winemaker

    New Member from Connecticut

    Hello All, I have been referencing this great web site for a while, and finally decided to "join up". Making wine has always been on my "bucket list" since watching my Sicilian grandfather (when I was a young child) making wine. My wife and I started about a year ago as part of our...