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  1. Xiola

    Trying my first 'experiment' wine, advice on SG timing?

    So I decided to try a mango wine experiment (meaning, first non-kit) after reading a few recipes . The one thing I am not quite grasping is, if I do the 24 hour 'wait' for a camden tablet to do its thing before I add yeast (and I assume yeast nutrients?) when do I take SG? Today? Tomorrow before...
  2. Xiola

    Another newbie hello!

    Just a hello from me since I am stalking the forums. (Heck, I didn't realize forums were still a thing until I was googling and came across the site!) My current level of new: 1 Kit down (bottled 2 days ago, Cab Sav. Wild Grapes from Amazon) I have read "Joy of Home Wine Making" 10 or so times...