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  1. Brian

    Stainless and other tanks.. York PA area

    I have a friend that is closing the doors of their winery and has some equipment for sale. 6-8 ea 100 ltr stainless ($225), 2 ea 300 ltr stainless ($450), 1 ea 400 ltr stainless ($450). 3 ea 100 gallon plastic tanks $150 each. I have attached the pics. If anyone is interested I am the go between...
  2. Brian

    Bladder press for sale (york PA Area)

    I have a friend that has a gently used, water operated bladder press , with a new bladder used for 1 year for sale. It is about the size of a #35 ratchet press or a little bigger for size comparison. it holds about 100lbs reds and 40-50 lbs white grapes. works 100% asking $650.
  3. Brian

    Crusher for sale (York PA area)

    Old crusher for sale. great shape and very cool looking. Asking $200.00. This would be great to use or display in a winery. Great original paint and in working condition. Opening is 20" X 18" so its a big one. Thanks
  4. Brian

    Demijohn with wicker basket S central PA

    OK for sale a very cool old demijohn with the wicker basket. No chips or cracks and the basket is in great condition. I have used it a couple of times but currently it is just a decoration. It would be great for a winery or bar. I am asking $120.00 or best offer. You just don't see these with...
  5. Brian

    Where to purchase grape vines

    OK well it is time to dive into growing some grapes. I have a few concord planted but I have some property and am interested in planting 10-20 vines.. I am not going to be a winery I just want some vine to learn with and get enough grapes for some wine. I am looking for a good reliable supplier...
  6. Brian

    Som questions on MLF

    OK well I bought some juice buckets and inoculated the reds with Alpha bacteria. I also fed it. It is working well I can see small bubbles in the s type air lock. My question starts with racking. I racked out of the primary and then inoculated. I have not racked since. It has been about 3 week...
  7. Brian

    Looking For a Buno Mini or super Jet Filter

    Hey I am looking for a Buno Vino Super jet but that is probably overkill so maybe a mini will do. I am probably like everybody else and sometimes make a lot and there are times that I don't. So I am looking for advise as well. I have never filtered my wine before but people say you can tell the...
  8. Brian

    WineXpert Washington Meritage

    I just want to let you know that I am making my second batch of this special kit because I have made lots of kits and this is the best right out of the shoot that I have ever tasted. I bottled the firs batch about 2 months ago and of course there was a little left at bottling time (as always) so...
  9. Brian

    WineXpert Lodi, old vine Zin

    Hey I just bought this and was wondering if anyone has done this kit and if so any suggestions or comments? I will be starting it this weekend.. (I have an empty primary) God forbid.... hehehehe Thanks!
  10. Brian

    WineXpert WE Shiraz/zinfendel

    I just picked up this kit (WE Shiraz/zinfendel) from my local.. Not may choices today they had a really big weekend. I was just wondering if anybody has tried it and what they thought of it.
  11. Brian

    Power juicer

    Hey all! I might be able to get a pretty good deal on a Jack Lalane (Spelling???) deluxe power juicer. What is your opinion on using it for making wine??? :sm
  12. Brian

    Orange wine

    All I am about to make this wine and I thought I would post the recipe here for anyone else who is interested. Recipe for 5 gallons of Orange Wine from fresh, juice oranges. You may substitute fresh orange juice (no preservatives added) for some of the oranges with a ratio of 2 cups...
  13. Brian

    Other Vintners Harvest Kiwi

    Hey I have a question for anybody that has done a Vintners Harvest wine base. I bought the can of Kiwi wine base, a mesh bag to use like it says on the side of the can and then when I opened the can there was no fruit in it just juice. Is this correct or did I get a bad can? If this is correct...
  14. Brian

    Portuguese floor corker

    I am just looking for some opinions and I know you all will give me yours... haha :a1 Hey I am looking to get a floor corker and I cork 30ish bottles every month or so (so far this will slow a little). So my question is except for the plastic jaws what is the difference between this and an...
  15. Brian

    What do you think about this??

    Hey I am looking for an aspirator what do you think about this one??
  16. Brian

    Please explain the MLF Process

    I see Malo-Lactic Fermentation "A secondary fermentation done to wine via a special inoculation of yeast for the precipitation of converting malic acid to lactic acid resulting in a smoother taste." in the Wine Wikipedia and I hear people talking about MLF. Can someone explain the process...
  17. Brian

    Blank labels

    I am looking for blank labels so I can design and print my own lables. Does anybody have any suggestions? I would like some I can print in my printer and something that sticks to the bottle but removes relatively easy? Is there such a thing? :a1 :tz
  18. Brian

    My first pea also

    My first pea also Questions I have a couple of questions maybe someone can answer for me. I am making my first Pea, I used a yeast starter and the starting SG was 1.064. First during fermentation should I have an airlock on the bucket or should I just leave the top skewed open so it gets O2...
  19. Brian

    Another from PA

    Hello all! I am relatively new to this and I have been reading posts here for a couple of months. This is a great place for information and I have learned so much already! I look forward to learning much more. Thanks all for making this such a good place!