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    Vineyard Update: What have you done?

    So yesterday I cleared a large section of wild black berries that was killing the air circulation on the top corner of my vineyard. I look like I fought two cougars (he-he, inside joke) from all those thorns. I also re-terraced a row that will receive new vines this year. And if that wasn't...
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    Cherry Pee

    Was just down at my cousins house in Lausanne Switzerland surrounded by Pinot Noir vineyards and a few cherry trees that were loaded to the max with ripe cherrys, so I went ahead and picked me half a grocery sack for my next pee. I just finished deseeding them and threw them in the freezer...
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    Men are like fine wine.....

    Men are like a fine wine. They begin as Grapes and it’s up to women to stomp the **** out of them until they turn into something acceptable to have dinner with. I dont care who you are that was funny. I am a man and I find it hilarious, mostly cause its true. lol
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    What the heck is skeeter pee?

    So after having this question in my mind for so long I sought out the advice of wise man google and found the skeeter pee website and YouTube video. Hooked from Hello! So I don't have any slurry and want to use a fresh strawberry juice as a stater, will this work? We have loads o'...
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    Does this site make you thirsty?

    I ask this as I just opened a 2005 Rioja that is absolutely delish...and STRONG! Hey, I have to collect empty bottles somehow. Lol. Cheers! :b On a side note a smiley with wine would be more suitable. ;)
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    Tips on rejuvenating neglected old vines?

    What are some tips on rejuvenating Old neglected merlot vines without having to do major soil work? I do plan on getting a soil sample tested this year but the actual work (if needed) will be done next year, so what can I do for this year? Thanks for any imput.
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    Hello from Ticino, Switzerland

    Total newb here. I am an American living in Switzerland (Swiss wife) and my brother in law has a small vineyard and rustico in Ticino which is basically Northern Italy flying a Swiss flag. Anyways this property has been neglected for years and is slowly being renovated. As he concentrates on...