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  1. J

    PH Adjustment--when

    We have about 160 Zinfandel vines near Calistoga California. Harvested today. Field measurements were 26.2 Brix and PH 3.2, on the low but acceptable side. After crush measurements were 25 Brix and PH of 3.15. I am considering adjusting the acidity downwards as I've had past vintages...
  2. J

    First time to try enzymes?

    Harvested about 225 pounds of zinfandel from Knights Valley in Sonoma County over the weekend. This was a tough year for water and harvest came after an incredible two day heat spike of 110 degrees or more. So, the grapes have great flavor (numbers are fine) but they are a lot more solid than...
  3. J

    Disparity between refractometer and hydrometer readings

    Measured brix by refractometer and hydrometer immediately after destemming and crushing and about 30 hours after adding campden tablets. Second measurement I carefully filtered the juice. I corrected measurements for temperature and checked the calibration on both instruments. In both...
  4. J

    Adjusting "finished" wine--Lab results

    With apologies for any ignorance shown, I grow Zinfandel in a hobby vineyard near Calistoga. I have about 18 gallons of 2015 in glass now, and was close to bottling it. I sent a sample to a local wine lab but have no idea how to interpret the results in terms of what if anything to do with...