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    Grapes around North East Ohio area.

    Greetings - trying to prepare ahead for the fall season by finding a good winery around where I live. I was wondering if anyone knows a good winery around Ohio; I tried several around Cleveland areas but not too much luck - too crowded and at picking time it was a 'carnage' I am willing to drive...
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    Backsweetening options

    Greetings winemakers. Like a lot of users around I am interested in what are some of the options and your experience with backsweetening. From what I read around the forum sugar seems to be the most common used ingredient. Did anyone try fresh grapes juice i.e. the original juice, must obtained...
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    Chemicals in commercial wine juice

    Greetings. Maybe a silly question but I was wondering if anyone has any concerns with what chemicals are added to wine juice in order to preventing from fermenting and probably to enhance the flavor. With the advent of all the stuff from China and vendors being more more over profits then...
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    Raking the wine - how often ?

    Greetings winemakers - love this place and thank you for all the valuable feedback. I am making wine from juice and grapes depending of availability; recently I noticed that some of the juice kits end up with a bitter, funny after taste. I was told that it may be due to not raking often enough...
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    Where to buy grapes - near OH

    Greetings - I live in Cleveland, OH and I heard that Buffalo NY region have really good grapes. I was wondering if anyone knows any good places where I can get some grapes - red and whites. Thank you. Adrian
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    Wine from grapes - Concorde

    Greetings. I am back to the forum with the new grapes season. This year I am making wine from Concorde and I was wondering if i can ask for your advice and help again. I did it last year and things did not go too well - did not add anything; just crushed and pressed into a carboy. I would like...
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    Sulphur Stick

    Hello - I was wondering if anyone has ever used the Sulphur Stick to sanitize and treat glass carboy and fermented juice. Part of the wine making process I was told is to treat the carboy with a burning sulphur stick - next, syphon the wine through the smoke accumulated in the carboy. This...
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    A new beginner :)

    Hello everyone. As I mentioned, I am also a beginner in the wine making process. I started buying wine juice from different farms and start fermenting my own wine. So last fall I got 2 types – a red and a white; both ended being very sweet and not strong at all. After reading around, I...