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    Crusher / Destemmer

    We picked up a used manual crusher / destemmer this past week, it is a Pillan N-1 model and tried contacting the MFG and no response so posting here to see if anybody has this model. We are looking for any type of care / maintenance manuals on it. We took it completely apart to clean it and...
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    Blanc du Bois guidance

    We just contacted a new source and he says that they are probably a few weeks away from picking. This will be our first white grape batch so any advice will be appreciated. Not sure if we can cold soak or not. What would y'all recommend for yeast? What situations would make for malolactic...
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    RJ Spagnols 2017 Restricted Quantity (RQ) Program Cut off Oct.12 2016

    Any Mods please edit or move to correct place... I just noticed this browsing for something else at FVW. Introducing the Noble Grapes of France, wines that remain true to their roots – centuries old – for the winemakers who know and appreciate the difference...
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    Yeast and MLF for Sangiovese grapes

    We got the email stating the Sangiovese grapes should be ready to harvest in 3 weeks so we need to get some yeast and MLF. A little background.... We did our first fresh grape (small) batch of Sangiovese in 2013 and was recommended RC212 but no MLF by LHBS but cannot remember why. Based on...
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    Cork Holders for friends.

    I just finished making 5 of these. Just a subtle reminder on how to stay a friend. TXWineDuo
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    The wrong way to blend wine !!

    Mods, please delete if not appropriate. Authorities Destroy 500 Bottles Of Fake Wine In Austin, TX :sh:sh I do not think 10 years is enough for that kind of money. :gb TXWineDuo
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    New 30# Wine Press

    We just picked up our new wine press last weekend and was wondering what are the first steps we need to do to get the press ready before pressing time? There are some splinters on a few of the basket slats that looked like they didn't get proper sanding at factory, are these ok or should they...
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    Grapes and water saving technology

    To all of you small vineyards here is some technology that might be of interest.. I am not affiliated with this project but thinking I ought to use this for my garden watering :D TXWineDuo Forgot the link to their...
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    Howto make Acidulated Water?

    Hello Everybody, We ordered 3 lugs each of Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz grapes from FVW ( Thank you George) just trying to be prepared before they get here. Fyi we have the Vinmetrica 300 to do the PH / TA testing. We are trying to learn to make wine from fresh grapes and have read some...