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  1. J

    Something growing on cap?

    Hello all. I'm used to making wine kits, but have made a crabapple wine before from fruit. My neighbor gave me 12 lbs of black plums last summer and just found them in the freezer and decided to make wine from them. Started them in the primary on 2/11 and added yeast on 2/12. It's been...
  2. J

    RJ Spagnols Breezin Cran Chianti

    Just got my Cranberry Chianti and Super Tuscan yesterday. My first RJ Spangols! I've made 2 WE Island Mist kits before. I am going to add some sugar upfront with this kit. It's been awhile, what is the specific gravity I should shoot for? 1.08? I think I added about 6# (or 6 cups?) of sugar...
  3. J

    RJ Spagnols older wine kit

    There is an Italian Super Tuscan and Valpolicella Cellar Classic Winery Series at my local brew shop with the code: 20090521D. Do you guys think that this kit is too old? I have always wondered what the shelf life is for the wine skin grape pack and the actual juice concentrate. Maybe it's...
  4. J

    WineXpert Island Mist Green Apple Riesling

    Just finished bottling the GA Riesling and wanted to share how it came out. I took Wade's advice and added about 6 cups of sugar to get a SG of 1.075 (although he seems to likes 1.08). Followed the rest of the directions but never topped off in secondary. It bubbled and roared for 7 days with...
  5. J

    WineXpert Island Mist corn syrup taste

    I just bottled an Island Mist Wildberry Shiraz. I can barely taste the flavor of wine because it is quite watered down. Overall the flavor of wildberry is OK but there is the taste or big hint of corn syrup flavoring. It taste fake and reminds me of cough syrup. haha. When I added the...