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    Bottling day

    Apple wine on the left and Banana Mead in the right!
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    A hearty shout out!

    Well the ‘21 vintage is in the books and I wanted to post a Thank You to everyone here! The wealth of information on this site, as well as everyone’s answers to my offbeat questions have given me the knowledge and confidence to pursue this hobby in earnest. When problems arose (and they did!) I...
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    My Franken-Pyment

    It’s that time of year again! The fall grape orders have been sent out and it’s time to clean out the freezer to make room for whatever grapes aren’t used for a second run. Here’s my recipe based on the contents of my freezer: 25 lbs of Cab Sauv grapes 5 lbs of Syrah 4.5 lbs blueberries 1.5...
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    Using a juice bucket as part of a blend?

    I received my first price list for 2021 grapes today! Alright! After a careful review, my wife “suggested” I order 12 gallons of Muscato and 6 gallons of White Zin😂🤣. As I was making the necessary adjustments to my wishlist to compensate, a thought occurred to me. Since CS will be the main...
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    Sacrificial tannins

    When adding oak chips to primary. Do they replace the other tannin additions?
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    Peach Mead

    I’ve always wanted to make a peach wine/mead. Lucky me, they were on sale today so I picked up 15 lbs. I plan on adding local honey to 1.080, adding pectin enzyme, making any necessary ph adjustments, and then pitching 71b. My question is-has anyone that has made this mead added water, or used...
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    Lugs per bucket?

    Hello folks! Im planning an aggressive(for me) grape buy this fall. I know it’s super early, but I want to plan out my purchases this summer. I have several 6.5 gallon buckets. How many lugs can I ferment in one of these?
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    Too many options...

    I got my first pail of frozen grape must last Friday-yayee! Anyway, it’s a Cab Sauv and I am mulling my options with the pumice. Following are the options I came up with. Feel free to chime in with your opinions. I’m open to any other suggestions as well. 1. I can do a second run 2. I can...
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    Reusing oak chips in a different primary

    Hello forum! I just finished a kit that had grape skins and oak chips that I put in a bag together during primary. I’m expecting a juice pail tomorrow. Can I reuse this mess in a new bag for a second ferment? Separating the chips from the skins doesnt really look reasonable at this point...
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    RJS RQ Pinot Noir Shiraz

    I know this is last years’ special release but I got a great deal on it. I was looking for the WE Double Noir, but my hbs owner sold me on this according to the taste I was looking for-and because he wanted to get rid of old stock, I’m sure. Anyway, has anyone made this kit and how did it turn...
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    Anyone tried this kit?

    I finally bought my first kit! I had my eyes on a Riesling, but the only one they had left was the cheap one. I got this instead, since I enjoy the variety. Has anyone tried it before?