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  1. FentonCellars

    Vacuum Transfer Wine Pump Giveaway

    Contest... You are not just "Liked" your LOVED!
  2. FentonCellars

    2008 winemakers competition

    Ok... I'll leave that commercial winemaking for my dreams! I guess I have more wine for myself to consume and be happy with! :-) Thanks for the heads up everyone!!
  3. FentonCellars

    WineXpert Wine Expert Borolo

    This will be my first Barolo. I just put it in a secondary and it had almost no gas (a lot less then my last batch) and has dark fruit/Cherry to the nose and a nice taste. For some reason my last two batches (this Barolo and my last Cab Sauv) both had this fruit smell and dark fruit...
  4. FentonCellars

    WineXpert Wine Expert Borolo

    I'm doing the winexpert vintners reserve 7.5 liter Barolo (2007 Bronze Metal Winner).
  5. FentonCellars

    2008 winemakers competition

    I personally believe in more "word of mouth" medals then actual ones. I have the ability to have one of those judges local to me in Vermont. I had this person taste my wine to see if it would be medal quality before I spent the money to ship/give up my bottles. Her assessment was...
  6. FentonCellars

    Hello Collette - I don't know when. I know they do exist via WineMaker Magazine. The...

    Hello Collette - I don't know when. I know they do exist via WineMaker Magazine. The subscription is nice and it has wine and label competitions. Let me know if you need more info.
  7. FentonCellars

    Bottle sanitazion

    It has been a while since I've posted... I just bottled my second batch ever (French Cab) and so I just went through the bottling process. I have that bottle washer that has the basin and if you turn the bottle upside down and push down, it squirts the water up into the bottle. This was SO...
  8. FentonCellars

    What is the best and the worst you made in 2007

    In 2007 I only tried one wine kit (winexpert Pinot Noir) and I did several things wrong that lead to a burnt rubber smell. I dumped it after consulting another local winemaker. Oh well. Last night I started a winexpert French Cabernet Sauvignon. I'm hoping with my extra documentation...
  9. FentonCellars

    Any advantages/disadvantages of dry to liquid yeast?

    Steve - This is GREAT info! I surely appreciate any and all feedback. I wouldn't have posted the question, if I wasn't in need of some sort of feedback or opinion. :-) I will take your advice and see about trying to use the RC-212. Thanks!
  10. FentonCellars

    Builling a wine cellar

    my basement is 65 degrees year round with 25-45% humidity and this was fine per the other post I mentioned, so I don' think yours sounds at all bad.
  11. FentonCellars

    Any advantages/disadvantages of dry to liquid yeast?

    Sorry, Winexpert: Vintners Reserve - Barolo Kit. The yeast was: Wyeast Lab.
  12. FentonCellars

    Any advantages/disadvantages of dry to liquid yeast?

    Thanks Steve! I tried once to start my barolo wine kit with liquid yeast, but when I broke the inside bubble and shook it each day until it ballooned up... I ended up having no time to start the wine, so I had to break the seal, empty the yeast and leave the kit for another day. Now that I'm...
  13. FentonCellars

    Builling a wine cellar

    the pic didn't come through so it is kind of hard to follow your note, but I kind of get your idea. First, do you even have a moisture problem? Are you concerned with controlling your humidity levels for your wine cellar? There is another post out there for the perfect temp/humidity levels...
  14. FentonCellars

    Any advantages/disadvantages of dry to liquid yeast?

    I wanted to get everyone's ideas about the advantages and disadvantages of using dry yeast versus liquid yeast. Does this at all improve the quality of the wine produced? I know that the main area for quality comes from the grapes. Second question.... Do more expensive kits generally...
  15. FentonCellars

    Bad Eggs/Sulfur Oder Chilian Wine

    I personally have not heard of tricks with "pennies" before, but I have not heard of any resolution to sulfur odors. I am waiting for WineMaker Magazines Answer book, but in the meantime, I did search and found in the Wine Wizard section a note about this topic...
  16. FentonCellars

    Hello everyone!

    Welcome aboard! I dabble with web design and made my own label and it was harder then I thought.
  17. FentonCellars

    Wine Making Radio

    Not sure if anyone has heard this yet. I'm now just listening to this...
  18. FentonCellars

    What is the ' year ' of my wine.

    Instead of saying "Wine Buyer" I should have said, "a book to help you buy wines"
  19. FentonCellars

    What is the ' year ' of my wine.

    One side note. If you pick up any "Wine Buyer" that describes the region, winery, types and years of each wine to buy, they are speaking of the grapes grown in that region, and year the grapes are harvested and the weather. Since weather has a lot to do with how much sun/water the vines...
  20. FentonCellars

    What temp ..

    After the build of my home theater room with heat, the basement is now at a toasty 65 degrees in the winter and about 60-65 in the summer. I did buy a $9 meter and my humidity is consistently at 47% (with a dehumidifier going 24/7). Sounds like I found a winner!