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  1. Dom Lausic

    When to barrel?

    Hey Jonny! After pressing, I typically like to let my wine settle in demijohns for a while. Anywhere from a few days to a couple of weeks, depending on my schedule. You just have to keep a very close eye (nose!) on the wine. WIne sitting on gross lees for too long will start to produce H2S...
  2. Dom Lausic

    High Level of Free SO2

    Hi All! Hope everyone is getting ready for this seasons harvest! I've made strawberry wine that i am getting ready to bottle. The wine was backsweetened and treated with sulfite and potassium sorbate to stop re-fermentation. But i am getting ready to bottle and am doing some tests, and my...
  3. Dom Lausic

    Fermenting Wine Kit Using Water From Hydrating New Oak Barrel

    Yes, that a very good point. The hydration water tends to always be super dark. This may be a risky proposition....
  4. Dom Lausic

    Fermenting Wine Kit Using Water From Hydrating New Oak Barrel

    Hey Everyone! Hope all is well! I have an interesting question for everyone: has anyone made a wine kit using the same water that was used to hydrate a new Hungarian oak barrel? I've feremented white wines (chardonnay) in new barrels in the past. But in the process of hydrating my new...
  5. Dom Lausic


    Hey All! Has anyone degassed using the Enolmatic Bottle Filler? I see mention of the All In One WIne Pump. But wanted to know if the Enolmatic would work?? I'm not much of an engineer in this regard....... :)
  6. Dom Lausic

    Potassium metabisulfite reaction with mug

    Glass is the way to go! I ordered a set of glass beakers from Amazon, 50 mL to 1000 mL. Great for mixing all of you additions, rehydrating yeast, etc. The set cost about $25 CAD. It was a great buy!
  7. Dom Lausic

    Increasing Bung Hole Size

  8. Dom Lausic

    Increasing Bung Hole Size

    Hey @stickman, yes it is. Going to cut a 2" hole to accommodate a No.11 bung. The the bung stave is just over 3", so i'll have plenty of clearance!
  9. Dom Lausic

    Increasing Bung Hole Size

    Sounds great! Gonna give it a go here shortly. Have to make some room for the 2020 vintage!
  10. Dom Lausic

    Increasing Bung Hole Size

    I do know they cauterize the bung and spigot holes to help with the seal. But I think I would be ok without it. With the being at the top of the barrel, I dont think its necessary. Especially with a silicone bung...... I hope!
  11. Dom Lausic

    Increasing Bung Hole Size

    Hey Everyone, Has anyone successfully increase the bung hole size of their barrels? My barrels have gone neutral, so i would like to increase the bung hole so that i can easily add and remove oak staves/spirals. The current bung hole size in not "standard" and oak staves/spirals don't fit...
  12. Dom Lausic

    High pH, High TA

    That's a great piece of advice as well! Makes sense! Just have to figure out how to portion my large batch of wine (150L) to fit into my lagering fridge! 😁
  13. Dom Lausic

    High pH, High TA

    I agree. Sounds like a good plan. Spoke to a buddy of mine at the Niagara College. He works in the winery and said the same thing. Suggested I can go higher with the TA because the higher alcohol will balance out the acid. And of course, MLF will convert the malic acid as well. Here's to great...
  14. Dom Lausic

    High pH, High TA

    Hey Everyone! Hope everyone's winemaking is in full swing!! Needed a few opinions. Crushed some Californian Cab Sauv yesterday. Ran some tests today, and needed opinions on must adjustments. Brix: 24 pH: 4.13 TA: 6.0 Want to bring the pH but don't want the TA to get too high! Looking for...
  15. Dom Lausic

    Adding oak

    I also like to add "oak chips" to the must for fermentation for the reasons stated above. Just for curiousity, what do you guys typically put in?? I've done about 4g/L for my bold reds. :)
  16. Dom Lausic

    Racking From Large Fermenter

    Not sure what size John used, but I believe I used a 1/8" bit
  17. Dom Lausic

    Shipping Wine to US from Canada

    perhaps I'll even get lucky and rhi go will start to open up over the next few weeks! We'll see what happens!
  18. Dom Lausic

    Shipping Wine to US from Canada

    Yes. I think the border crossing will be my greatest challenge..... I think my best chance will be to try and ship one and see what happens...... I will also try another private shipping company and see what they say. Worst case scenario, I lose a bottle