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    Sour cherry wine 2

    First bottle: (1120 - 1010)* 131,25 = %14.43 Second bottle: (1120 - 1011 ) * 131,25 = %14.30 9,5 kg cherry makes 12 liters (1,5 liters of water) Pectic enzyme - Half spoon 2 tsp of yeast nutrient 2 lemons I realize though the yeast starter didn’t grow twice times as much as I expected over...
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    Stained airlock

    I’m on the secondary fermentation of 10 liters bergamot tea wine. I just racked into secondary fermenter. The fermentation is vigorous and I just saw the airlock has become stained in color. I racked it when the hydrometer hit 1.030. It is been dripping through the airlock. So I dumped some into...
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    Primary fermentation delays...

    I am making wine from blackberry tea. I guess I’ve started at 1.120 because the tea was hot while I was plunging the hydrometer into the tube. I made yeast starter with 15% tolerance yeast and poured it into the 2.37 gallons of must after 4 hours but the primary fermentation lasts for 4 days...
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    Sour cherry wine

    Cherry wine: 6 kg (13.22 lbs) sour cherry makes 6.5 lt (1.71 gallon) cherry juice, Sugar to 1.110 s.g., 2.5 lt (0.66 gallon) water, Half spoon of pectic enzyme, 2 spoons of yeast nutrient, 1 spoon of acid blend Bioferm Blanc yeast We crushed the cherries with hand. Then we used straining bag...
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    Cherry stalk tea wine

    I tasted cherry stalk tea. I wonder whether or not I keep its aromatic flavor if I make cherry stalk tea wine. I would use brown sugar this time. Any recommendations and ideas are welcome.
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    Two different final sg from the same must

    Recently I have fermented 7 liters of berry tea wine. I used two bottles. I started at 1120. The second bottle was half filled. The second finished at 1020, a week ago. Yesterday the must in the first bottle finished fermenting at 1040. I didn’t do transferring during fermentation. I wonder why...
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    Cherry stalk herbal tea wine

    I want to use bags of cherry stems and I wonder whether or not I keep its aromatic flavor if I make cherry stalk tea wine. I would use brown sugar this time. Any recommendations and ideas are welcome.
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    Cherry Stalk tea wine

    I’ve tasted cherry stalk tea a couple of minutes ago. I wonder whether or not I keep its aromatic flavor if I make cherry stalk tea wine. I would use brown sugar this time. Any recommendations and ideas are welcome.
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    Effects of the wines

    Unlike the commercial wines, it is seems to me that the alcohol of the wines I've made doesn't last enough to keep me drunk and I feel sleeply after I consume half of the glass. My wines have generally 13% alcohol centent. I use Grolsch type bottles to keep my wines. Am I missing something?
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    Cinnamon Tea Wine

    12 cinnamon sticks 3 litres of water 2 tsp of yeast energizer 500 ml of concentrated grape juice Lemon juice from one lemon 1/4 teaspoons of yeast nutrient 1 packet of Bioferm Rouge Sugar until specific gravity reaches around 1.110 (2.20 lbs) I made mine around 14% estimated ABV. I spared...
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    Cinnamon mixture

    I wonder if it would be strong if adding cinnamon sticks to boilling water of cinnamon tea bags. Any advice and suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
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    Flavor - Strawberry wine

    My fermentation of strawberry wine is finished at 0.98. It smells strawberry but it got a acrid taste. What can I do to make it more flavorful? Thanks...
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    Looking for an apricot recipe

    I want to make 7 litres of apricot wine; How many kilograms of apricot and how much water do I need? I would greatly appreciate it if you kindly give me some suggestions.
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    Making wine from natural yeast

    Is it possible to make wine from natural yeast? One of the recipes say: Grab a handful of chopped grapes into a glass jar. Add 200 grams of flour and 200 grams of water on it. Cover with a clean cloth and leave one day to start fermentation in a warm environment. When tiny bubbles begin to form...
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    White spots..

    Hi everyone! I have a batch in the secondary with SG reading at 0.985. I recently noticed a bunch of white spots on top of the must after I transferred it to the secondary although the water in the airlock moves frequently. The spots don't seem to increase. I hope this is likely nothing to...
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    Cinnamon tea wine

    Hi, I decided to make cinnamon tea wine. I just started to ferment 4 litres of cinnamon tea: I added 1.000 gr of sugar = SG 1.100 I used 32.82 ml of grape concentration juice instead of chopped raisins Lemon juice from 2 lemons 1 tb yeast nutrient, 1 tb yeast energizer, 1 pkt of yeast...
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    Old products

    Making wine with old products Hi, I'd like to make wine from 4.5 lbs of strawberry and 1 gallon of water. Would that be enough? And my yeast nutrient, yeast energizer, acid blend, pectic enzyme are old. But they smell fine, they haven't got expiration date. Would they still serve the...
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    How to get rid off the sediment

    Hi, I found that it has been formed a huge sediment in my cherry wine. What would I do? Should I get rid off this sediment?
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    What if the water evaporates in the tube?

    Hi all, I'm living in Ankara, Turkey. In summer the climate rises up to 25-30 centigrades were I live. My wine has been in the secondary fermentation for a month. When I came back from 3 week holiday, I saw that the water in airlock did evaporate. The wine smells fine though. So I filled it...
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    Adding high tolerance yeast in secondary

    Hi, Is it possible to add additional high alcohol tolerant yeast to the secondary fermentation with high SG?