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  1. MiBor

    Those who ferment in a large vat with spigot

    The trick to that is to have a large enough spigot/valve to allow the grape skins to pass through without clogging the opening. That minimum opening is 1". I've tried 3/4" and it didn't work as well. I've got 3 of these fermenters sitting on a bench I made for my wine room, about 20" off the...
  2. MiBor

    Bottle Shock?

    I truly thank everyone for their comments. Yes, I questioned my ability to taste and smell, but all other things taste and smell normal to me, so that's not it. I also asked my wife and one of her friends to taste the wine and they came to the same conclusion. I did a side by side comparison...
  3. MiBor

    Bottle Shock?

    Something really weird is happening to a batch of Merlot I bottled about a month ago. I made this wine from grapes in the fall of 2020 and was aged for a year with about 3 months of that year being in a barrel. The wine I bottled was well balanced, with good structure and mouthfeel, still fruity...
  4. MiBor

    synthetic corks

    They went straight from the bag into the bottles using a Portuguese floor corker with plastic jaws. I even dried the inside of the bottle necks before inserting the corks. The only thing that could maybe explain these failures is that the Nomacorcs were bought last year, but the bag (L.D.Carlson...
  5. MiBor

    synthetic corks

    In light of my recent experiences with Nomacorcs, I'm afraid I have to stop using them altogether and can no longer recommend them to anyone. Here is what happened: I bottled a batch of Sauvignon Blanc in early September using the Noma 900s and thin vinyl shrink capsules. Over the weekend I had...
  6. MiBor

    Empty bottle storage

    That's how I store my empty bottles. I found some large heavy duty bins with nesting lids at Lowe's that can be stacked nicely on top of each other. I wash and dry the bottles before they go in the storage and I never had a problem. I keep them out of the house in a plastic shed over the...
  7. MiBor

    Help getting started with my first Sauvignon Blanc.

    @adavis where are you located? There may be businesses within driving distance that sell SB grapes. I think it would be worth trying with grapes and as best temp control and oxygen management as you can. The style of wine you want to make is not easy and it will take you a lot of trial and error...
  8. MiBor

    Help getting started with my first Sauvignon Blanc.

    I watched a video a few weeks ago about the process of making Sauvignon Blanc in NZ and Australia. I can't find it on YT right now to post the link but I'll look again tomorrow. What stood out to me about their process is that they are trying to completely eliminate oxygen exposure after...
  9. MiBor

    synthetic corks

    So, how do you know, SpoiledRotten? I used the Select900 for some of my wines for a few vintages now. The few bottles that I found to have the Nomacorcs somewhat stuck and hard to remove were part of a batch that I used some thick vinyl shrink capsules on. They required extra heating for...
  10. MiBor

    Bravo Yeast- Any experience?

    I used the exact combination of yeasts that you ask about in my las year's Super Tuscan field blend. I started with Biodiva and let it do its thing until gravity was down to 12-13 brix, if I remember correctly, than I inoculated with Bravo and let it finish the job. It was a trouble free...
  11. MiBor

    Foil capsules for port style bottles

    I used these with port-style bottles and they worked: SHRINK CAPSULES 25 LARGE BLACK JUMBO WINERY QUALITY HEAT CAPS WINE MAKING BOTTLE - Hobby Homebrew They were tight but I managed to put them on and they shrank just fine in hot water. The regular size shrink capsules didn't fit at all.
  12. MiBor

    Wine duds— Do you dump or salvage?

    It was a Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon made from a juice bucket. I didn't measure the starting pH/TA because the bucket was already fermenting when I got it. The juice was bubbling inside and foam was coming out the safety valve in the lid. I inoculated with BM 4x4 right away and let it finish AF...
  13. MiBor

    Wine duds— Do you dump or salvage?

    First of all, don't distill the wine if it's sulfated. The product will have an unpleasant aftertaste that you won't be able to avoid. Believe me, I know what I'm talking about. Sangria is a good option, if you enjoy that kind of stuff. Or frozen granita, if you have the time to put into it. I...
  14. MiBor

    Do you mix your SP with anything?

    I should've known that. I read a lot of posts about it, here on WMT. Never had the drive to make it, though...
  15. MiBor

    Do you mix your SP with anything?

    I'm confused. What does SP stand for?
  16. MiBor


  17. MiBor

    Changing the volume of a kit

    Do you have the ability to measure acidity of the wine (pH and/or TA)? By diluting the grape concentrate less than specified you may end up with more body, but also a more acidic wine which changes the taste and feel of the final product. Better kits (more$$$) come with more juice that needs to...
  18. MiBor

    Mosto Bello Italian Juice Gassy

    Is it possible to maybe have a late malolactic fermentation going on? I see no mention of SO2, just sorbate which I'm not sure prevents MLF.
  19. MiBor

    Moldy corks after storing wine on their sides

    I started using synthetic corks exclusively (Nomacorc only) after a couple of embarrassing events when friends I gave wine to said my wine was awful. I managed to find that the problem was the corks I used that year after uncorking about 20 bottles and finding 3 that smelled bad. I don't like...
  20. MiBor

    What to do with Pinot Noir, light visually and in total body...

    Or maybe add one bottle of Meiomi per carboy to fix the light color (and maybe add some Tannin Estate) than let it develop on its own for a few months. It may come around and be ready to bottle by end of the summer when you'll need the carboys for the new wine you'll be making this fall.