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    How many gallons of Lon D's Skeeter Pee have been made?

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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    A lug is a box of grapes. Usually 36 lbs. This is a “second run” for these grapes. I fermented them already and added the wine to my Tuscan blend. Its a great way to stretch my investment in the grapes. I learned this from @winemaker81 posts. The grapes have a surprising amount of life left...
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    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    It was time to clean out the freezer again, so decided to try a dragons blood because I really need an early drinker, lol. I split the water between 2 buckets and put a lug of Sangiovese skins in the bottom one. To the top one I added 15 lbs of mixed berries, and 4 lbs bananas. I split the...
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    Say CHEESE!

    This is a surprisingly good Gruyere
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    Poll: Of the wine you consumed this year, what % did you make?

    I was at about 15% last year. I purposefully stayed out of most of what I’ve made the first year, aside from the Dragon Blood. I should be closer to 40% in 2021. I can’t imagine ever going beyond 70% though, since I love trying new wines.
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    A hearty shout out!

    Well the ‘21 vintage is in the books and I wanted to post a Thank You to everyone here! The wealth of information on this site, as well as everyone’s answers to my offbeat questions have given me the knowledge and confidence to pursue this hobby in earnest. When problems arose (and they did!) I...
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    2021, what are your plans?

    I just received an email stating that our grapes have been picked but won’t be transported until next week due to driver shortages. How concerned should I be about grapes sitting in a warehouse for 7-10 days? Or the juice buckets for that matter?
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    Say CHEESE!

    She brought some more home tonight! Here’s a pic
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    Say CHEESE!

    I bought a nice Apple smoked Gruyere from Safeway over the weekend. It went quick so no pic, lol.
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    red blend ideas

    I’ve had to change up my plans already this year. Two of my varietals aren’t coming in. Fortunately, I found another company that brings in grapes and got to piggy-back on an order of Sangiovese and PS. My new blend will be a Super Tuscan with Sangio-60%, CS-25% and Merlot-15%. Sorry about...
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    mega foam

    Thanks, I returned it and got a Rubbermaid brute.
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    mega foam

    It’s black. It’s 32 gallons.
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    mega foam

    Ok thanks!
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    mega foam

    Is this what I’m looking for in a fermenter? It’s an off brand
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    Country Wines!

    Did you ferment the whole fruit? I’m going to start a batch here shortly.
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    My Franken-Pyment

    It’s that time of year again! The fall grape orders have been sent out and it’s time to clean out the freezer to make room for whatever grapes aren’t used for a second run. Here’s my recipe based on the contents of my freezer: 25 lbs of Cab Sauv grapes 5 lbs of Syrah 4.5 lbs blueberries 1.5...
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    Using a juice bucket as part of a blend?

    Well it seemed intelligible before I typed it out🤷🏼‍♂️. I had planned a large amount of Bordeaux blend, but now I’m trying to find viable ways to keep my quantity with a smaller financial hit due to her additions to the order. I’ll have to find a proofreader for my future posts😂🤣😅.
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    Using a juice bucket as part of a blend?

    I received my first price list for 2021 grapes today! Alright! After a careful review, my wife “suggested” I order 12 gallons of Muscato and 6 gallons of White Zin😂🤣. As I was making the necessary adjustments to my wishlist to compensate, a thought occurred to me. Since CS will be the main...
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    New Barrels for Forum Members

    Thanks Fred I appreciate it and will look it Vadai!
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    New Barrels for Forum Members

    I just read about humidity and barrels. Im in Denver and 10% during the winter is common. Would a barrel be worth the trouble in my area?