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  1. winemaker_3352

    High PH and Normal TA

    So I am wondering if I should be concered. My Seyval TA was high this year - after getting my TA to 7g/l - the PH is at 3.7. I know that high PH can lead to spoliage generally due because the acid is low. But being my acid is at the right level - am i still at risk for spoilage?
  2. winemaker_3352

    Advice on a Transfer Pump

    All, I am looking at getting a transfer pump. Was looking to you all for suggestions on a nice self priming diaphragm transfer pump.
  3. winemaker_3352

    St. James Winery (St. James, MO)

    I am looking for 1-2 folks to split 55 gallons of Chardonel from St. James Winery. If anybody is interested reply to this thread or PM me.
  4. winemaker_3352

    2013 Apple Spice Wine

    Well I kicked off another year for my Apple Spice wine today. Crushed the apples up, got the must ready - will pitch the yeast late tonight or tomorrow morning..
  5. winemaker_3352

    Buon Vino Mini-jet for sale on Craigslist

    If anybody is interested - $100...
  6. winemaker_3352

    Missed the deal of the century

    So on craigslist i found a 5 spout SS bottler filler ($600) for sale for $50!! To my surprise when i emailed about it - it was gone :( Post was up for about 2 days - missed the boat on that one...
  7. winemaker_3352

    2013 Missouri Valley Wine Competition

    Here is the PDF for entry. Fee is $10.
  8. winemaker_3352

    Need a new washer and dryer set

    Anybody know what the best and/or longest lasting washer/dryers are now?? We have a set of whirlpool that we bought 10 years ago and it is time to upgrade. There are a log of brands now - samsung, LG, GE, Maytag/Whirlpool/Kenmore. Anybody have these, good/bad experiences, recommendations...
  9. winemaker_3352

    Stainless Steel Wine Barrels

    Does anybody have one of these or opinions on these? Looking to maybe get a 30 gallon to free up some carboys.. I have heard that Custom Metal Craft in Springfield, MO is a good source for SS Barrels.. Thoughts and opinions are welcome..
  10. winemaker_3352

    STL Craigslist Aspirator $140

    Thought I would pass this along for anybody looking to upgrade.
  11. winemaker_3352

    Stainless Steel Nozzle with Stand

    I am looking at getting this SS Nozzle from Valley Vintner. Does anybody have this?? Do you like it?? Does it make bottling easier than using the Buon Vino Auto Bottle filler (using this with a vacuum pump)?
  12. winemaker_3352

    Vinmetrica SC200 came today!!

    So i got my new PH/TA meter today!!! Question - the buffer solution it came with 4.01 and 7.00 - when i use the solution to calibrate the meter - does the solution need to be pitched or can it go back into the bottle for reuse?
  13. winemaker_3352

    Sodium Hydroxide and Phenolphthalein

    Does anybody know what the shelf life is for Sodium Hydroxide and Phenolphthalein?? I am getting some off readings from my TA test kit - I am waiting on my PH meter - should be here next week. Normality = .10 NaOH used = 1.9ml Sample Used = 3ml TA instructions say: Sample used X .25 =...
  14. winemaker_3352

    Difference between Stainless Steel and Glass Carboys

    So I know that there is a huge difference between SS vats and oak barrels when it comes to aging and fermentation. But is there a difference between SS vats and glass carboys?? Does SS help to preserve flavors/aromas more??
  15. winemaker_3352

    Sublingual immunotherapy

    Has anybody tried Sublingual immunotherapy (SLIT) for allergy relief?? It is something used in Europe - and is used in the US - but it is not FDA approved yet. It has not been approved yet b/c they have not defined a dosage, length of time to take, etc. Is is the same syrum used in the...
  16. winemaker_3352

    St. James Winery Winemaker

    Doug (Brew and Wine Supply) had the distinct pleasure to get a personal walk thru the St. James Winery in MO (largest winery in MO) with the winemaker Andrew Meggitt. Talk about a great guy!! Andrew was a pleasure talking to and doing business with. I will be going back to him for more juice!!!
  17. winemaker_3352

    Transfer Pump

    Would this transfer pump be alright to use for transferring wine??
  18. winemaker_3352

    Brew and Wine Supply Customer Service

    I usually get the Dead Leaf Green Burgundy bottles for my Chardonel from Friar Tucks. Brew and Wine Supply was able to order the bottles I wanted and give me a better price!! Great customer service. Thanks Doug!!
  19. winemaker_3352

    MO Wine Grapes

    So this might be the first year I won't be able to make the varietals I like. Chardonel, Seyval, Vidal - most of the vineyards around here are not selling any grapes to the late freeze and drought. So if anybody knows where I can get these grapes - please reply to this thread or PM me with the...
  20. winemaker_3352


    My chokecherry trees are just about ready to be picked. Probably another week or two. Anybody else have chokecherries ready?? They usually ripen in August - but i guess the warm weather they will ripen a bit earlier.. There a few ripe now - they taster pretty good - great tannin structure..