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  1. jswordy

    Adult fairy tale

  2. jswordy

    McDonald's McRib is back, so in case you were wondering...'s what to pair it with!!! 🤣
  3. jswordy

    Really, this ad is for real! :-)

  4. jswordy

    Well duh!

  5. jswordy

    "Say CHEESE!" has been moved!

    If you've been following the "Say CHEESE!" thread, it has been moved to the "Food, Pairing & Craft Foods" topic, so join us over there. Thanks @ibglowin.
  6. jswordy

    Quiet George

  7. jswordy

    Wine filter? WTH? Your thoughts or experiences?

    Saw this ad on FB... I dunno. Thoughts? Anyone actually use one?
  8. jswordy

    All the way from New Zealand...

  9. jswordy

    Why WMT is better than FB

    Zuck's been dead in the water most of the day, but meanwhile, things just go right on along smooth as ever at good ole WMT! Alcohol is powerful fuel! 🤣
  10. jswordy

    World's longest undersea electricity cable starts operation

    A 450-mile subsea cable which connects the U.K. and Norway, enabling them to share renewable energy, has started operations. In a statement at the end of last week, Britain’s National Grid dubbed the 1.6 billion euro ($1.86 billion) North Sea Link “the world’s longest subsea electricity...
  11. jswordy

    EVs are invading my town!

    And OMG, you need TICKETS??? 🤣 The comments below this FB post are hilarious. Let's just say Sweet Home Alabama ain't sold on the technology. 🤣 Sample...
  12. jswordy

    Uh... Trader Joe's opening...

    Yeah, I've been sending emails to the company for a decade to urge they build one here. Our new Trader Joe's is opening Sept. 30. I may be unavailable for a week or so afterward! TWO-BUCK CHUCK! TWO-BUCK CHUCK! 🤣...
  13. jswordy

    Interesting new private message from WMT member revealed here... heheheh...

    Hell no, I'm too busy getting drunk all the time, Emily! But thanks for thinking of me! 🤣
  14. jswordy

    First-ever crazy crust pizza

    Cooling now... Smells good!
  15. jswordy

    People wonder why I drink? Cuz of NUTTY STUFF like this! Car folks, in here!

    KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A metro-area man’s dream come true has turned into a nightmare. The dream -- a 1959, red and white, hard-top convertible Corvette. The nightmare -- the dream car is sitting in an impound lot in Topeka, waiting to be destroyed...
  16. jswordy

    New 5-million population city in the DESERT? Suuure, why not!

    The cleanliness of Tokyo, the diversity of New York and the social services of Stockholm: Billionaire Marc Lore has outlined his vision for a 5-million-person "new city in America" and appointed a world-famous architect to design it. Now, he just needs somewhere to build it -- and $400 billion...
  17. jswordy

    Say CHEESE!

    What cheeses are you nibbling on with your wines? For my everyday cheese fix, I really like this Boars's Head Smoked Gouda. Hope to post some more of my cheese finds as they come up. I have had some really good ones from Whole Foods and The Fresh Market. What's your favorite?
  18. jswordy

    California’s Newest AVA Produces Coastal Wines in Los Angeles County

    Palos Verdes, a peninsula southwest of Los Angeles, has never been known for grapevines. But that’s the region’s most talked about crop today. In June, the federal government approved the Palos Verdes Peninsula American Viticultural Area (AVA) as one of the country’s newest wine-growing...
  19. jswordy

    Wine country's newest timeshare scheme isn't too popular

    To make second home ownership possible for more people — and, of course, make money — Pacaso uses a "fractional home ownership" model. They buy a house, lightly refurbish it, furnish it and then create an LLC for it. They then divvy up ownership of this corporatized house into eight fractions...