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    water to use with wine kits

    I am making Cabernet Savingnon from a WineExpert kit. I need advice on what water to use: 1) I have used my well water/tap water before - but then thought the wine kind of had a weird odor 2) One time I used distilled water - I have read that is the worst idea since distilled water has no...
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    Water to use in wine kits

    I have made wine from a few kits, but always had this question what kind of water to use in wine kits? distilled or bottled spring water? Thanks, -Prasanna
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    WineXpert Sangiovese kit - Kitosan/degassing question

    I have started a winexpert sangiovese kit After 12 days in the primary , I transferred the wine to the secondary ( carboy). I degassed it well but also ended up transferring some sediment. now I have to add kitosan ( after another 2 days). I need your advice on 1) Should I rack it again after...
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    Primary fermentation seems to be over before period suggested in kit

    I started a sangiovese kit about 10 days back. the bubbles in the 1st few days of primary fermentations were very active about 2 times every second. now the bubbling is almost gone once every minute. the kit instructions say 14 days in the primary ferment. 1) can I move the wine to the secondary...
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    what can I use for topping the wine when transferring to sec.

    Hi, I am making a sangiovese from wine expert. I came a bit short on the quantity (about a quart) I am not sure if I should use water since it will dilute it. Any suggestions? Thanks, -Prasanna
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    what is sparkolloid powder used for in winemaking?

    One of wine recipes I am thinking of using has sparkolloid. what is its use? can I use bentonite instead? if not I I will have to buy it. how much to add it and when?
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    Clarifying the wine - does it affect the taste and body of the wine

    Hi, I have made a few fruit wines. All of them were “not so great”. I did learn from my mistakes.. Now, I am in the process of making reisling from a 6Gal kit. In addition to following instructions, I have racked the wine and its clear I have also tasted it and am quite happy with how...
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    the fruit wines I made turned out light bodied

    Hi All, I have now made 4 wines ( Pear - from a commercial kit and 3 other wines from a recipe book). All these wines have turned out to be light bodied - i.e. they taste like tableware -even lighter .. kind of watery. What am I doing wrong? thanks, -Prasanna
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    Question about aging a wine

    Hi, I am new to winemaking and in the process of making few kinds by following recipes I found in book. The raspberry wine I made is quite clear ( after a couple of rackings and a month in the secondary carboy).. the same is happening to the Thompson grape I made 3 weeks back. My question is...
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    Alcohol percentage in the wine I made

    Is there any way to measure ABV in the wine I made. I did not measure SG at the start. :slp
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    Wine I made is flat/flabby tasting(no sharpness at all)

    Hi , I made pear wine from a kit I purchased. when ready to be bottled, the wine was flat and flabby tasting(did not feel like wine) - no sharpness at all. not knowing better I bottled the wine (24 bottles). I now realize(I think) that it is due to the acid level. How can I fix it? I want to...
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    can I bottle a 3 1/2 week wine

    Hi, I am new to wine making. About 3.5 weeks back I made raspberry wine )( 1gal) from a recipe. after transferring it to the secondary fermenter and raking it 2 weeks later, the wine is clear ( no sediment ). the carboy has more than 2 inch airspace ... hence my concern.. 1) should I bottle the...