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  1. mainshipfred

    Project : build a bunker!

    I meant to send this when you first posted. They are plans for an underground tunnel we built for a winery. It was around 2013 I think and the cost was $120,000.00 but it had to be fully excavated then backfilled. Plus it is much larger than what you are planning to do. Don't know if it will...
  2. mainshipfred

    Shattering Carboys?

    My sink is fiberglass and even though I always wanted a SS this was my biggest hang-up. It's not the easiest to keep clean, it just feel a little safer.
  3. mainshipfred

    Shattering Carboys?

    Was this your recent move?
  4. mainshipfred

    Blowing my own trumpet

    Good job you trumpeteer! 🎶🇪🇹🎺
  5. mainshipfred

    Post a photo, any photo

    Very nicely done!
  6. mainshipfred

    Live virtual wine tasting event for the home winemaker - Last Day to Register Wednesday 11/24

    Interesting, all these wines have a higher than I'm used ABV. I was particularly surprised with the Viognier at 15.5%. I may have posted this already but I'm not sure. Had I not known the winemaker or vineyard when I picked up my Viognier I probably would have refused them. They were a bit...
  7. mainshipfred

    What is your most embarrassing memory?

    I kind of knew that wasn't right but could not google the correct spelling, thanks! BTW, that's the first time in a while you corrected my spelling or grammar, you must be slipping! :D
  8. mainshipfred

    What is your most embarrassing memory?

    This is not my story but an embarrassing one for someone. I was helping at a commercial winery and at lunch they pulled out a bottle they called Ode de Mark. Seemed legit so I didn't ask any questions. Well evidently the assistant was standing on T bins punching down when he fell in. Needless...
  9. mainshipfred

    Shattering Carboys?

    I have no idea where mine come from since, except for 4 three gallons ones, they were all bought used. The one that the bottom fell out was a 6 gallon. It was 1 of 2 ribbed ones I have/had and one was from my started equipment from Master Vintners. It's long gone so I have no idea of the...
  10. mainshipfred

    AWS Amateur Competition

    Not to mention it's a Chardonnay, probably the most versatile wine there is.
  11. mainshipfred

    What is your most embarrassing memory?

    Don't really have a most embarrassing though asking a stupid question you know the answer to but just wasn't thinking at the time is up there.
  12. mainshipfred

    AWS Amateur Competition

    Congrats Sandy!
  13. mainshipfred

    Shattering Carboys?

    Yes I did, I have a hot water only hose next to my sink and know that's potential problem. It's on my winter todo list to tie a cold to it for tempering.
  14. mainshipfred

    Shattering Carboys?

    I had it happen a few years ago and was very lucky. I had just finished emptying a carboy, was cleaning it and set it down after the final rinse. When I went to lift it to put away the bottom stayed on the dolly.
  15. mainshipfred

    AWS Amateur Competition

    I received them in the mail.
  16. mainshipfred

    AWS Amateur Competition

    Not really, the judges were relatively consistent. I'm going to try each bottle to see if I taste the same they did.
  17. mainshipfred

    AWS Amateur Competition

    6 entries, 6 medals, no golds but in general pretty happy with the results. 5 silver and 1 bronze. The bronze was for the Tannat and the consistent issue with all the judges was the high tannins which you might expect in a 2 year old Tannat, perhaps a little aging might help.
  18. mainshipfred

    Paper test strips

    Good for you going that route rather than the strips. I see it has a cap to hold storage solution. The solution is important for keeping the bulb moist. If you don't want to buy storage solution I'm told pH 7.0 buffer solution will work.
  19. mainshipfred

    Are there bottles that have inspired you?

    As with Bryan my journey is also lower key and in a way different. In 2013 my company was awarded a contract to build a 14,000 sf tasting building which included a commercial kitchen and creamery. Prior to that I didn't have much of an interest in wine. But the process intrigued me and in the...
  20. mainshipfred

    When do you blend?

    IMO both ways work and this year I did my first field blend. It was based on percentages from previous post ferment blends. My normal approach though is blending finished wine and it's a personal choice. My thought is you know what the final product has to offer. A young wine will go through...