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  1. Teamsterjohn

    For sale

  2. Teamsterjohn

    To much water to kit

    Rushing this morning I added 2.5L owner the 23L mark to the 25.5 L mark. The SG is 1.084.
  3. Teamsterjohn

    Less grapes this year

    This year there seems to be less grapes on my Marquette vines. This is my 4th summer with them and last year I had a lot more grapes. Any ideas. Thanks john. Sent from my iPhone using Wine Making
  4. Teamsterjohn

    Small grapes

    Sent from my iPhone using Wine Making
  5. Teamsterjohn

    Metatartaric acid?

    In my RJS EnPrimeur Super Tuscan a package of Metatartaric acid. 2.3g came with the kit. But I cannot find on the instruction sheet how to use it?
  6. Teamsterjohn


    On my Marquette vines, why do some of the leaves have small holes in them?
  7. Teamsterjohn

    When to start spraying?

    Bud break started about 2 weeks ago on my Marquette vines. Now small leaves are starting to come out. When should I start spraying the vines to prevent powdery mildew from starting. Thanks John
  8. Teamsterjohn

    A little fence

    Added this little solar electric fence around my small vineyard the other day.
  9. Teamsterjohn

    Filter and Hand corker

    Make an offer.
  10. Teamsterjohn

    PH Meter Forsale

    $45.00 plus $7.00 for shipping. SOLD
  11. Teamsterjohn

    New bottle filler forsale

    New bottle filler forsale SOLD Made another one, can sell this one cheaper now, $150.00 shipped
  12. Teamsterjohn

    Adding tartaric acid

    I'm in day 5 with my vino superiors Cabernet sauvignon and tested it. SG 1.050 pH 3.74, acid 6.40 It started out as 5 gallons of frozen must. Would adding tartaric acid now be a good time? And how much. Am I right in that the pH should come down little, and the acid up little? Thanks
  13. Teamsterjohn

    malolactic fermentation

    This wll be my first time doing a malolactic fermemtation. Do I need to have the carboy toped off while its in malolactic fermemtation, or a little head space is ok until its over with. Thanks, John
  14. Teamsterjohn

    Other Vino Superiore Frozen Must

    Today I started my Vino Superiore Frozen Must Cabernet Sauvignon. My question is, should I use an airlock now on my primary bucket, or treat this just like a wine kit and let the lid just rest on top for the first few days.
  15. Teamsterjohn

    Last but not least Hanna pH meter

    Once again, great shape. $75.00shipped
  16. Teamsterjohn

    Hanna Magnetic stirrer

    Model MI190M Great Condition $75.00 shipping included. SOLD
  17. Teamsterjohn

    Vinmetrica SO2 Tester Forsale

    In fine working condition. $100.00 plus shipping to your zipcode. Reagents included. SOLD
  18. Teamsterjohn

    My Homemade Crusher Stand

    Winter is here, work has come to a standstill, so its time to build some things. This is my stand for my crusher. The Hopper box on top I ordered online and painted and added 2 hinges to it on the back. The stand has dolly wheels also.
  19. Teamsterjohn

    Aspirator Forsale

    $75.00 plus shipping to your address. SOLD
  20. Teamsterjohn

    Buon Vino minijet filter forsale

    Only used it 4 times. In perfect condition. $100.00