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  1. Khristyjeff

    I don't have the recommended yeast--which of the ones I have should I use?

    My wife and I just picked grapes today (Marquette and Foch), and I've added K-Meta for overnight. Forgot to buy the yeast they recommend so here is what I have in stock: I'm new to this so I'm guessing I pitch the yeast tomorrow and maybe make a yeast starter? I should have been better...
  2. Khristyjeff

    Wacky measurements for 1st time fresh peaches wine

    This is my 1st go at country wines so thought I'd seek help here. Starting SG was 1.045 after extracting enough juice through a metal strainer. I took a tip from @cmason1957 and used FermCalc JS calculator to determine the amount of simple syrup I should add to get an SG of 1.085. It called for...
  3. Khristyjeff

    How much Acid Blend should I add to my Peach Wine?

    I'm just starting a peach wine, and following guidance from this forum cameo with a plan/recipe. I've raised the SG to 1.085 and have a 3 gallon bach of peach mush and simple syrup. The smell of fresh peaches is hard to beat! The pH is 3.76 and the acid level is between .2 and .3% as best I can...
  4. Khristyjeff

    Should I Blend?

    I have a Petite Pearl from grapes started on 9-15-20. It's my first from fresh grapes. The pH has held steady around 3.21. Two, 1/2 gal jugs I hold extra in pH reads 3.13/3.15. Basically, this wine has tasted tart from the start. I tried a malolactic fermentation, but don't believe it...
  5. Khristyjeff

    Ideas for storing 375ml small bottles?

    Hi all. I just purchased my first batch of 375 ml bottles and wondered about your ideas for storing these. Boxes? Filing cabinets? or simply miniature wine racks? I don't need anything fancy since they'll be in an unfinished basement, but would be interested in hearing about or seeing...
  6. Khristyjeff

    I may change my views on Rosé Wine

    Just bottled an RJS Primeur Chili Rosé. Haven't been a fan of the oftentimes sweeter Rosé wines. But I thought I can ferment this one dry so worth a try. I needed the carboy so had to bottle at the earliest day 42 expecting to bottle age for at least 8 weeks. However, it tasted very fruity...
  7. Khristyjeff

    Other How Kits Are Made

    Forgive me if this has been posted before, but I found this article by Tim Vandergrift very interesting. There apparently is a lot more that goes into making a kit than I thought! How Wine Kits Are Made? by Tim Vandergrift | The Wine Cellar, Kitchener
  8. Khristyjeff

    Seeking Country Winemaker's suggestions with adding rhubarb flavors to other wines

    I'm looking for your thoughts on using rhubarb (an F-Pac) in other wine kits. I have a Zinfandel Blush kit that I've added raspberry F-Pacs to in the past with success (also read that Pinot Noir's can have notes of rhubarb and might be a good match), but wondered about rhubarb. Are there...
  9. Khristyjeff

    Does this antique wine grape press look like it would work?

    This popped up on local Craig's List and am interested in your thoughts whether I should pursue it. I have only done fresh grapes once so far but would like to do more in the future. My first batch from fresh grapes I had to hand squeeze so I know I lost a lot of good juice. Mainly interested...
  10. Khristyjeff

    Gallon markings on various sizes of carboys?

    Does anyone have pictures of their carboys with gallon markings that you've marked on the sides? Thought this would be helpful if someone's already done this.
  11. Khristyjeff

    Need help with tart wine

    I have a Petite Pearl wine from grapes started 9/15/20 (pH started at 3.11). I ran it through a malolactic fermentation starting 9/29/20. Taste is still tart today although it has gotten slightly better over time. Latest pH reading is 3.18. I have a couple extra jugs that just measured 3.36...
  12. Khristyjeff

    Topping Up RJS Coffee Dessert Wine

    My RJS Coffee Desse Wine just went into secondary. I've followed the tweaks as written about by @joeswine. I need to top up to fill my 3 gallon carboy as I don't have an All In One pump or gas, so wondered if a nice Malbec would be a decent companion. Or other suggestion? Thanks!
  13. Khristyjeff

    RJ Spagnols Port Kits--filter?

    I have one of the RJS Port Kits ready to go and plan to make the tweaks as per @joeswine. Instructions say to filter and I do not have a way currently to filter. How important is this step? Thanks.
  14. Khristyjeff

    Should I be racking this again?

    Hi all. This is an Australian Cabernet Sauvignon Wine Kit - RJS En Primeur Winery Series and my second attempt at wine making. This kit included wine skins that I squeezed the juice out of. My question is in regards to the sediment in the bottom. Should it be there or do I need to rack it...
  15. Khristyjeff

    Inconsistent hydrometer readings from same sample

    Hi all. Doing my first kit and I think I should be racking in my secondary or I'm close to being ready. My hydrometer readings from yesterday were 1.014 mainly with couple readings of 1.03. Today my readings were mainly 1.004 with one at 1.026, one at 1.02 and another at 1.03. The kit...