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    Suggestion for my next kit?

    Last week bottled WE Australian Cab & WE Australian Shiraz. This week started WE Stags Leap Merlot & WE Lodi Old Vine Zinfandel. Now I have a couple of empty spots on my shelf. I don't mind spending $150 for a kit, if it makes a really good dry red wine. Any suggestions? And...
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    WineXpert What was my starting specific gravity

    I made 2 WE kits; Australian Cab, and Australian Shiraz. Bottled them Sunday. My final SG's were .996 & .997 respectively. The problem is, it's been about 3 months since I took the initial SG's, and I have cleaned & rearranged my office twice since then, & cannot find my records :d Is there...
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    No Grape Cherry Zin??

    I found this recipe on the net. Any thoughts on how this would do? The odd part (to me), is that it is made with canned fruits only, which I priced out at $5/can at the local grocery store, resulting in a recipe cost of about $115 for a 5 gallon batch:
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    WineXpert question on clarifying & racking

    OK, my kits have been sitting for 21 days after stirring & adding the clarifyers. I plan on racking them tomorrow. If you look at the attached picture, there is about 1" of sediment sitting at the bottom of the carboy. I asume this is normal, since the clarifiers attached themselves to the...
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    Cellar Craft Should I try a cellar craft? Which one?

    I am currently fermenting two WE kits; Australian Cab, & Australian Shiraz. My next two I wanted to try are the Stags Leap Merlot and the Old Vine Zinfandel. These are both premium kits, dry reds, obviuolsy, but I am telling you this so you will know what I think I'm going to like. Someone on...
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    Can I use montmorency cherries?

    I have 3 montmorency cherry trees. These are the somewhat sour cherries for baking. Can I make a cherry wine from these? I'm sure I can add sugar to sweeten it, but would the wine be any good?
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    montmorency cherry recipe?

    Can you make a decent wine from these cherries? I have 3 trees, which produce a lot of cherries around fathers day. They are a sour cherry. Does anyone know if these sour cherries will make a decent wine?
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    Another Hoosier Wino.

    Not my first post, but I realized I hadn't properly said "Hello". I live in Brownsburg, Indiana (Just West of Indy). Married 18 years, have been brewing beer for about 15 years, and have recently decided to carry on the family tradition of winemaking! OK, my direct family has no...
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    WineXpert Date Code on my Kit

    I started a WE Selection Int, Australian Cab yesterday that I got from my HBS. I just noticed the date code is listed as: 0730207 142. Does this mean my kit is 2 years old?:?
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    How do you check the Specific Gravity?

    I know, with a hydrometer...but that's not really my question. What I mean is, how do you take the sample, and what do you do with the sample afterwards? I don't have a wine thief, so what I do is sanitize the little plastic tube that my hydrometer came in, and just dip it down into...
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    Did I use too little honey?

    I made my first mead this weekend. I used the JAO recipe, but less honey. I made a 3 gallon batch, and used 7-1/2 pounds of honey. The reason for this is I want a slightly off-dry mead. If my calculations are right, the bread yeast will ferment to 12% so for 3 gallons, I need 36 ounces of...
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    She Got the 'Fermenting Fever'!

    I've been working on the details for a several months, getting my knowledge level up, upgrading my beer brewing equipment to make wine, and my wife has been "putting up with it", at best. Friday I made my first 3 gallon batch of honey mead wine: , and Sunday we planned to make an...
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    Anyone tried Marquette?

    I like what I am reading about the Marquette grapes. Anyone made or triedwine from these yet?
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    Hello From Indiana.

    Hi Everybody! I am not new to wine, but I am new to winemaking. I have been brewing beer for about 12 years (even though a dry red wine is my drink of choice), and just purchased 2 WE Selection International kits; Australian Cab, & Australian Shiraz. I plan on starting the first one...