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  1. cpfan

    Skil Power Corkscrew - anybody seen/tried?

    The Skil iXO Vivo Power Corkscrew. I don't really think I want to buy one. Prices seen...$20 recently at a Costco in the Montreal area, $50 at That's quite a range. But I am wondering if anybody has...
  2. cpfan

    Other Yeast and Wine Kits

    A fairly common question is should I (or can I) substitute a different yeast for the one that came with my wine kit. Tim Vandergrift of Winexpert has written a blog entry on this topic for Winemaker Magazine. I suspect that many people here will be interested in his comments...
  3. cpfan

    Chalkboard Wine Labels

    Handy with a piece of chalk, but can't design a good wine label? Tired of designing labels every other week, and then quickly taking them off the bottles? Here's an interesting idea. But I don't suggest it for those wines that you'll be storing till the next decade gets here...
  4. cpfan

    Wine Kitz A Wicked Limited Edition

    OK, it's their pun not mine. But Wine Kitz has announced their 2012 Limited Edition cooler kits. Wicked Hard Lime, and Wicked Hard Pink Lemonade. I think that these are only available in Canada (but could be wrong). Steve
  5. cpfan

    So how good are the Grape Skin Kits??

    As a result of some chitter-chatter in an Introduction thread (Hi Kev), I found myself finally looking at the Dec2011-Jan2012 Winemaker magazine. You know, the one with the article "Top 100 Wine Kits". The article that never lists anybody's favourite kit. :p Now I know there's lots of...
  6. cpfan

    Cellar Craft Cellar Craft - Vineco

    Effective today (Oct 28 2011), Cellar Craft has been sold to Global Vintners Inc (owners of Winexpert, Vineco, WineKitz, Heron Bay, and Artful Winemaker). The brand will continue to exist, and be part of the Vineco division. Obviously no way to know how this will affect the Cellar Craft...
  7. cpfan

    Cellar Craft Cellar Craft Limited Release kits for 2012

    From Cellar Craft Facebook (editted to improve readability) Steve
  8. cpfan

    RJ Spagnols Cru Select Restricted Quantities 2011-2012

    California Hang Ten (Muscat Symphony, Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay) Spain TORO (Monastrell, Tempranillo, Cabernet Sauvignon) Australia Down Under (Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Petit Verdot) Argentina Tango (Tempranillo Malbec) Australia Down Under Rosé (Syrah, Merlot)...
  9. cpfan

    WineXpert WE Selection Limited Edition 2011-2012

    Washington Meritage South African Sauvignon Blanc-Semillon California Petite Sirah/Zinfandel German Traminer Spätlese Spanish Matador Trio Red Steve
  10. cpfan

    Vineco 2011-2012 Limited Editions

    Ken Ridge Showcase 2012 Australia (New South Wales) Shiraz Viognier Argentina (Mendoza) Torrontes-Chardonnay Spain (Penedes) Cabernet Sauvignon Italy (Piedmont) Nebbiolo Steve
  11. cpfan

    WineXpert Selection International with Grape Skins kits

    A new product line from Winexpert. Only 4 varieties at the moment. The following stolen from their web-site Steve
  12. cpfan

    Vineco Bent Grape kits

    Summer is approaching and Vineco has announced a new brand...Bent Grape. This appears to be similar to Winexpert's Twisted Mist line; however alcohol is listed at 6.5% for Bent Grape on the web page. I think Twisted Mist is 13-14%. Flavours announced are Strawberry Daiquiri, and Piña...
  13. cpfan

    Kiln Dried Grapes

    I just received the March newsletter from Reif Estate Wines in Ontario Canada. In early March they will be releasing a new wine called "The Magician" made with a novel approach that some of the grape wine makers may wish to consider. We know about the way that Amarone is made with partially...
  14. cpfan

    Everclear, aka Neutral Alcohol from Turbo Yeast

    Looks like a message about making Everclear has been yanked from the forum while I was trying to reply to it. The message did not ask about distilling, but since that is the only way to make a neutral alcohol with a similar strength to Everclear, and that is illegal in many parts of the world...
  15. cpfan

    Scraper to remove labels on wine bottles

    Just wondering if anybody here has used this flexible scraper from Lee Valley Tools (or a similar item). It is shown with a wine bottle in the top picture on their web page.,43456,43390 I have used other scrapers, but one that will...
  16. cpfan

    Fill Jet Filler Head

    I have been asked about a comment I made in another thread. I mentioned that there were two different styles of filler head for theBuon Vino Fill Jet. The attached picture is of the OLD STYLE head. I could not find my new style head. Note the old head has a black cap and a chrome or...
  17. cpfan

    RJ Spagnols RJS Oct 2010 Announcements

    RJS has updated their web-site with descriptions of their RQ (Restricted Quantities) line-up, and their Hightail offerings (Canada only, probably)...
  18. cpfan

    WineXpert Oct 1 WE announcement - the LEs

    It's October 1st and the LE's are announced today. Tim started it off with a Blog entry but not much info. Nice looking labels (to me anyway). One of the retailers has all the verbiage, but the wrong picture (labels...
  19. cpfan

    Vineco Vineco 2010-2011 Limited Edition kits

    The Ken Ridge Showcase limited edition kits were announced in a retailer newsletter that I received today. They aren't on the Vineco site at the moment, but here's a brief summary of each. Dec 2010 - Australia (Waikerie Area, Riverland Region) Mourvèdre - 15%, Full Body Jan 2011 -...
  20. cpfan

    Vineco Discontinued by Vineco

    Just got a newsletter from the Vineco store, the following two kits are discontinued. If you're interested, get your retailer to order one NOW. Ken Ridge Founders Series South African Pinotage Ken Ridge Founders Series Chilean Tres Tinto Steve