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    Cellar Craft Advice on the next Red kit

    Here is what I have done so far. Cellar craft Amarone - awesome Washington Merlot - average at best Rosso Fortissimo - bottled, very promising Big Mountain red -bulk aging I need some recommendations on a good red.
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    Need help.

    I bottled a batch of Zinfandel that was bulk aging for 13 months. The grapes were from Napa, CA. They have been in the bottle for a little over one week. I had a bottle last night, it was very good, but I felt the effects :) after the 3rd glass, which I rarely ever feel. I also woke up with...
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    Other Which mfg do you prefer. i have only purchased Cellar Craft.

    Mosti Mondale CellarCraft RJ Spagnols
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    Cellar Craft New Kit recommendation

    Hi Fellas, I just bottled my Zin from grapes. I have a Rosso Fortissimo bulk aging which at 4 months taste great. I am looking for another kit that doesn't go much longer than a year for bulk aging. Any suggestions?
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    Cellar Craft Rosso Fortisimo

    Question, i started this kit some time in July and degassed wine on Aug 23. I plan to bulk age for a year. When do i start to add 1/8 tsp of SMBS every three months? The pack i added during the degas process should carry me into 6 months or more without adding again? I don't want to over...
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    Cellar Craft Strange - Rosso Fortisimo

    Let me know what you think. I went through primary fermentation in 7-8 days. Racked into carboy. * I had to top off with 2.5 bottles of wine. * There is no indication of fermentation.
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    Cellar Craft Just started another kit. Thanks for the recommendation

    I am in secondary fermentation on my Cellar Craft Rosso fortisimo. I am going to let this bulk age for a year. I have Napa Zin that i did from grapes thats coming to a year this Oct. I would like to start another red or a port. Any suggestions? I dont want a red thats going to take me 2-3...
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    Other Which vendor do you recommend

    Which vendor do you recommend. Competitive pricing with shipping. Northen Brewer offers $7.99, but not on kits.
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    Other need a good recommendation

    Hi there, my best experience from a kit was Cellar Craft Amerone. However, it was three years ago and I want to know which kit at this momment is getting good reviews. I am looking for a BIG RED
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    Cellar Craft New to port

    I am considering starting a port kit. I have done three reds, and feell like i am getting the swing of things. Can someone recommend a kit and also what size carboys I will need. thanks
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    Cellar Craft Need advice on next kit

    I have done a cheap zinfandel, a Cellar craft Amarone (good), and I have a cellar craft Washington Merolt in bulk age. I am deciding on my next kit. What would you do? Selection Estates Napa Valley Stags leap Lodi Old Vines Zinfandel Cellar Craft Showcase Lodi Old Vines Rosso...
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    Cellar Craft Bulk Aging

    Question, why does the intructions on Cellar craft kit say "add 1/8 tsp of Kmeta every 55 days" and on this site, people are saying 1/4 every 90 days?
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    Cellar Craft Cellar Craft 18L Washington Merlot

    I purchased this from Grapestomers. I started it Thursday night, its been fermenting for two days, low and slow. Not sure if anyone has tried this before. I have an Amerone kit that I just bottled. I started it 3.5 months ago
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    Cellar Craft Ferrari Bottle filler

    I just bottle a Cellar Craft Amarone and had some filling issues. Some of them, my fault. I used a siphon hose while the bottle filler was attached, it was tough to get it to siphon unless I turned on the filler. That was ok, as long as you remember to turn it off when you pull it out...
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    Cellar Craft Couple questions

    1. What is the best online site that has the best prices for Wine Kits? 2. What is a red wine type, brand, that you can drink in two moths that doesnt require much aging and is fairly decent. I am so impatient
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    Other 8 liter kit Momments Sorriso Zinfandel

    Hello wine friends, This was my first kit I made 40 days ago. its currently in a carboy bulk aging. I tasted it two weeks ago and it was acidic and thin. I tried it two days ago and the acidity went down notably but it still seems too thin. I really don't want to waste the time bottling it...
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    Cellar Craft 18 Liter Cellar Craft Internationa Amarone 6 week

    I bought this kit because It got great reviews. I started it tonight. It measured 1.90 SG, 23 Brix and 12% alcohol. I thought that was a bit too low for Amerone. It came with the 12lbs musk, but I am not sure if the SG would go up once all the musk is in the juice. I have heard of people...