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  1. RegionRat


    Vegitarian Grouper This was shot a few years ago. We were off shore out of St Pete just horsing around. RR
  2. RegionRat

    Wine finish

    Here is an interesting video. RR
  3. RegionRat

    Processing fruit

    If you have access to a steam juicer I would peel them then juice them. If you dont have a steam juicer I would peel and core them. Here is a Youtube video After getting all the flesh I would freeze the flesh over night. The next day put the flesh in a paint strainer bag, put it in primary...
  4. RegionRat

    Pineapple Gift Project

    Sorry it took this long to get back to you. I meant to respond and put it off till I forgot to. I thank you for you input. I will conciser; Opti-White and Lallzyme EX, in the future. From what I read they are to be added to primary. I did not add tannin. RR
  5. RegionRat

    Pineapples on sale, can anyone suggest a good recipe?

    I started a pineapple wine in the fall. I was given 50 fruits that were right on the brink of going in the dumpster at the local fruit stand. I added no water. The wine is aging nicely in my basement. Here is the link If you wanted to see what I did. RR
  6. RegionRat

    Cloudy Pinot Grigio

    Update I ended up adding PE and let it sit at 70°. I checked a few weeks ago and it has cleared nicely. It tastes awesome! It was suggested I can bottle it without a long time of bulk aging so, I bottles it the other day. This is my fist white wine juice bucket I have done. I am really...
  7. RegionRat

    Help! Where can I buy juice buckets?

    Where are you in Central, Il? How far from Chicago? RR
  8. RegionRat

    Teach A Man To Fish

    Oh, I am gonna use that!! RR
  9. RegionRat

    Teach A Man To Fish

    How true! RR
  10. RegionRat


    I use the one I have to check the sugar content while fruit is still on the; tree, vine, or plant. Lets me know when the sugar content is right to pick the fruit. With out getting into to much detail, like Runningwolf says, while it is possible, it is hard to use one during fermentation. I think...
  11. RegionRat

    carboy count?

    14x6, 12x5, 10x3, a dozen or so 1 gal, and 1x1.5gal. RR
  12. RegionRat

    Chilean juice buckets

    Steve, sorry I missed you. I didn't get there till late last night almost 9 p.m. I had to drive back cause I had to work this morning . I did look for you though
  13. RegionRat

    Fermenting Foods RR
  14. RegionRat


    I could not agree more on the acid addition. I add 1 Tbls to six gallons post fermentation. I also drop in 2 whole cloves on some batches. RR
  15. RegionRat

    Rhubarb shredder

    If that is you budget I would look into the Continuous-Feed Food Processors. Robot Coupe Vegetable Preparation Machines. They start in the $1000 range and go up. With these you have more options to multi task. Here are a few vids
  16. RegionRat

    Rhubarb shredder

    What are you trying to achieve with the shredding? I mean, do you want; chunks, slices, or pulp when you are done? What is your price range? RR
  17. RegionRat

    What's for Dinner?

    The last quart of home made spaghetti sauce. I only have a few pints left on the shelf. Last year was not a great year for tomatos. Home made pasta and home made sausage. Along with the first glass of last years Chilean Merlot. A shout out to Steve from AIO and the folks at the McHenry Wine...
  18. RegionRat

    24 Reasons Husbands Can't Be Trusted To Do Anything Right. RR
  19. RegionRat

    I'm tired of winter! Enough already! RR
  20. RegionRat

    Post a photo, any photo

    This Photo Speaks Volumes This hero search dog is looking for survivors in the Washington mud slide. RR