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  1. AZMDTed

    Other Extended Maceration Eclipse Lodi 11 Cab

    Hi, you're welcome. I'm glad this has helped. It's part of my paying back for all the great information and advice I got here when I first started out. It sounds like you have a good plan. If you can get through the first 36 hours or so without foaming over you should be okay. Just be...
  2. AZMDTed

    Other Extended Maceration Eclipse Lodi 11 Cab

    Good job, have fun with it.
  3. AZMDTed

    Small Wine Room Project

    If that link doesn't work, here's a better one: I tried to edit the above post twice and it's not taking the change. EDIT, interesting, the link I'm posting gets changed as soon as I hit save or post. The book is: How and...
  4. AZMDTed

    Small Wine Room Project

    Tom, You may not need AC in your condition. Also consider the floor and whether it is close enough to a heated space to transfer that heat into your room. In my case I live on a slope so the wine room area of my basement is mostly underground, but nearby the other half of the space is my...
  5. AZMDTed

    Small Wine Room Project

    That looks great, well done. I've learned much from others here and posted this thread as payback for that assistance. I'm glad you found it inspiring.
  6. AZMDTed

    Prime 2-day Shipping. A thing of the past?

    I quit Prime earlier this year over this issue. It used to be that if you order before say Tuesday 6 pm or so, it would be there Thursday. Then last year Thursday became Friday and they only counted whole days. Then that became unreliable. The only good news is that if it didn't come when...
  7. AZMDTed

    Pop Up SPAM on WMT,%20Inc.%20d/b/a%20Verizon%20Business&lang=en&ref_domain=&os=iOS&...
  8. AZMDTed

    Pop Up SPAM on WMT

    Thanks for working this. I’ve been spam free for two weeks now. I greatly limited my coming here because of the spam, so it’s nice to be back more.
  9. AZMDTed

    Other Bottling vs Bulk Aging

    Hi, none of mine have tasted sweet to my taste. We may have different tastes and sensitivity. I’ve made probably 15 or more batches of Lodi Cab and haven’t had any come out sweet. I let them ferment dry. Sorry, I can’t help explain your situation. Good luck
  10. AZMDTed

    Other Extended Maceration Eclipse Lodi 11 Cab

    Hi all, Tonight we had one our bottles of the batch that started this thread. It’s 21 months old now. It is very good. Nice nose, good mouthfeel, medium plus body, and a fine taste. 21 months is about the time that I find Lodi Cab kits making a significant stride forward. I think this kit is...
  11. AZMDTed

    New Popup - This is Ridiculous

    I've been getting something like that for months on this site. So much so that I avoid coming here when I'm on my iPad. I only see it on one or two sites, but rarely on them. I don't get it when viewing this site on my computer, but on my iPad it's about 40% of the time and I have to delete...
  12. AZMDTed

    Other Extended Maceration Eclipse Lodi 11 Cab

    This is a good time to close the lid. Once you do I recommend sloshing the fermenter everyday till the skins fall. By that I mean rocking it side to side to get the wine moving so that it covers the cap and keeps the skins wet and in contact. Eventually they will fall. You have more...
  13. AZMDTed

    Other Extended Maceration Eclipse Lodi 11 Cab

    I would keep it going. I don’t see any issue with them floating or sinking. As long as there is an undisturbed CO2 cap above the wine I don’t think they’re going to rot, if that’s your concern.
  14. AZMDTed

    Other Extended Maceration Eclipse Lodi 11 Cab

    I don’t recall, but it is several weeks. The longer it floats the more the wine contacts all of the skins. You will start seeing it gradually lower soon. I think it’s a function of the wine releasing enough CO2 before it sinks.
  15. AZMDTed

    My first wine kit arrived today!

    This was the second kit I made, back in December 2014. I still have 9 bottles left. I made it strictly by the book, probably to include adding water to top off. It was good from the beginning, but at 20 months it really started shining. At three years I had a bottle and wasn't impressed, I...
  16. AZMDTed

    Hot Dog pairing?

    On behalf of my wife, I'll also nominate Sangria. She just made some up from a couple year old bottle of Winexpert Fourtitude I had. It was great in the heat we had here last weekend. I think it would go well with your menu too.
  17. AZMDTed

    Hot Dog pairing?

    A nice cold Diet Coke :) Oh, you said wine. For me I'd go with something cold. Though anything can be served cold, I think whites are still the best. I'd go with a semi-sweet white like Gerwurztraminer. I think that would pair well with the salt in the dogs and chips.
  18. AZMDTed

    WineXpert Opinion on Eclipse Stag's Leap Merlot

    The Eclipse G-miner is my favorite white wine kit. I took two cases to my sons wedding last year in the Finger Lakes area of New York. Everyone loved it, and most of them were used to the locally produced G-miner.. I prefer the taste of it immediately after bottling when it still has a strong...
  19. AZMDTed

    First Batch Temperature Question

    I think your wine will be fine at 77 for a few days, and it will help with degassing. You could also move it with no ill effects if you wish to.
  20. AZMDTed

    Wine Kit Woes

    All above, plus, if it's not fully degassed a kit will taste somewhat harsh.