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  1. Rusty Nesmith


    I did not know that it doesn’t last long once mixed with water. I mixed a batch around nine months ago to use in my airlocks. Four months ago it was still good. Today I opened it up to fill an airlock and it smelled like very strong vinegar. I dumped it out and mixed a very small batch.
  2. Rusty Nesmith

    You are all to blame.

    My Cabernet Sauvignon is close to a year old now. My wife likes it so much she won’t drink store bought wine any more. That has me on overtime making wine. I also have a Merlot close to a year old that she also likes a lot. Right now I have six gallons of Argentina Malbec and six gallons of...
  3. Rusty Nesmith

    Adding sugar

    Is there a chart anywhere that tells how much sugar to add? I have been making kit wines. The first two started with a SG of around 1090. The last couple started around 1070. I am wondering if adding sugar is the best way to raise it and how much to add.
  4. Rusty Nesmith

    Six month mark.

    My Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are both reaching the six month aging process. We tasted them a couple of days ago and not too bad. I bought a Argentina Malbec and will probably start fermentation tomorrow.
  5. Rusty Nesmith

    Wine pump

    Yea I just ordered my All in one wine pump. Getting close to racking two car boys over. Can’t wait.
  6. Rusty Nesmith


    looking to buy some corks. Not going to bottle for months I just like to be prepared. I see #8 and #9 corks. Not sure which cork to use or if it matters. I was looking at the 4 to 6 year corks on Label Peelers and they are a #9. Would those be a good cork to use?
  7. Rusty Nesmith

    New bench finished

    Got my new wine making area done. Once I buy the all in one wine pump there will be no more lifting. It will hold 70 bottles under the bench.
  8. Rusty Nesmith

    Lifting the carboy.

    I have one of those handles that goes around the neck but am not comfortable lifting a full carboy that way. Is it safe or would the sling be better.
  9. Rusty Nesmith


    I started my Merlot on 11/1/19 and sg was 1.084. Today when I punched it down it was at 1.026. I can see there is pressure because of the airlock but it is not bubbling much. Will it finish fermenting without bubbling or do I need to add something?
  10. Rusty Nesmith


    How important is it to MLF a red wine? I have been reading a lot about doing it but am having trouble finding information on exactly how to do it. From what I have read it is too late for my Cab Sauvignon because I added Kmeta when I racked it over. My Merlot will be finishing fermentation soon...
  11. Rusty Nesmith

    Racking into carboy

    The kit says to rack into a carboy and add Sulphite/Sorbate and Kieselsol, then stir and degas. Can I just stir them in without degassing and let it degas on it’s own? It says to add Chitosan the next day and stir that in. Will it be good like this in the carboy for three months or do I need to...
  12. Rusty Nesmith

    Next batch

    Went and picked up my next kit. This kit has the skins also. As soon as I rack the Cab Sauvignon into the carboy I will start this one.
  13. Rusty Nesmith


    What are some of your other hobbies? I like to shoot, reload and woodworking.
  14. Rusty Nesmith

    Wine bottles

    I am sure most of you know but I thought I would post this for somebody new like me. I went down to Olive Garden and asked them about their empty wine bottles. The manager said they throw them away. I told her I am starting to make wine and would like to get some if I could. She took my name and...
  15. Rusty Nesmith

    Juice price

    I found a local winery. They don’t sell their own grapes but can get me buckets of fresh juice from a bordering state. I was told around $120 for a five gallon bucket to make Cab Sauvignon. It is just the juice and no skins or fruit. Does that sound good or bad.
  16. Rusty Nesmith


    Well I started today. I cleaned and sanitized everything. Followed all of the steps for day one. It was a 10L kit. I read the post here about making cheap wine better and also watched YouTube videos on it. I filled it up to five gallons and checked it with the hydrometer and it was 1200. That...
  17. Rusty Nesmith


    I have been watching videos on YouTube. Tim Vandergrift and one other. Both of them stirred everything in very good except the yeast. They both poured the yeast on top and left it. Do you not stir in the yeast?
  18. Rusty Nesmith


    When using a wine kit and adding water to the fermenter do you add tap water or chlorine free water?
  19. Rusty Nesmith

    Equipment list help.

    Hello. I am new and have been looking at kits online. I have a couple of places local to buy from and would rather support them. I have worked up a list and would appreciate any help to make sure it is everything I will need. I am planning to start with wine kits and not grapes or fruit. Here is...
  20. Rusty Nesmith


    My name is Rusty. Thanks for letting me join. I am new to wine making. So new I haven’t bought the equipment yet. I am thinking about going to a local store and pricing the list I have made. I hope you are ready for a lot of questions.