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    Dry fruit wines

    Any tips on making dry fruit wines. I've been searching and am getting the impression I need to pay closer attention to acid levels in dry fruit wines?. Also think a little grape tannin might go well in low tannin dry fruits wines?. (I like tannins) Anything I should pay closer attention too...
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    So much for the Fizz-x

    About 8 batches and the head shears off. So I take the wine over to my woodturning lathe where I have a vacuum pump and hook it up to the carboy. Yes you get some bubbles initially, but even at 24inches I can only degass by shaking the carboy with the pump running. It doesn't look like it's...
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    Carboys 6.5

    Got 2 from glass recycling at the twp dump today. Bottom of carboy reads 6.5 gallons. Must be USgals, measured around the shoulder because the carboy hold about 27liters to the neck, a little short for Imperial gallons. I make mostly kits and consider these basically useless for bulk aging...
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    I'm checking out what raisins I have access to and practically all of them have some kind of oil. Contains vegetable oil (bulk store). Palm oil (supermarket). Anybody else have this problem. Is it a problem. Can I simply rinse and use?. Thanks Bill
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    Time on lees

    Hi, all I have a question about leaving banana kiwi fruit wine on lees. I transfered to secondary about 18 days ago. Wine is still fermenting (almost done) and clearing nicely, but the lees are about 1.5 inches deep The bananas were boiled in a pan and only the water added, and the kiwis...
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    Banana Kiwi recipe

    Hi, I've been lurking for a while, been making kit wines and am interested in making a fruit wine. Most recipes for banana wine seem to include grape concentrate, which I don't have access to right now. No raisins either. What I do have is about 25lbs of bananas, 6lbs of kiwis and...