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  1. Dirtydog420

    First time elderberry wine

    This is my first attempt at elderberry wine and just making sure I'm doing it right. Harvesting elderberries, freezing whole bunches and knocking for frozen berries. Obviously I'm trying my best to pull out as many stems as possible but want to make sure I'm getting enough out and that I'm...
  2. Dirtydog420

    Cranberry Wine Review

    Pretty sure this will be a solid recipe. It's an updated/upgraded recipe I did several years ago. Pretty sure I took from here in first place.. 6 Gallon Batch 20 lbs Cranberries slice IQF (Ordered from wholesaler, Individually quick Frozen) 2 bottles Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice 2 cans...
  3. Dirtydog420

    Blueberry/blackberry maple mead

    Hello people, its been a few years since I was on here, mostly because I stopped making wine for a while, but I am back and going strong. Got 5 gallons of key lime wine and 1 gallon of blackberry port in primary and plans for 5 gallons each of blueberry and blackberry, both hand picked.. I will...
  4. Dirtydog420

    Wine log destroyed

    So I discovered today my wine log got severely wet and is destroyed.. So I decided to start typing it rather than rewriting it all.. Well I typed out my first few recipes, tried to save, it said there was an error and the program closed so I need to retype them.. S.O.B... I hate computers.. :tz
  5. Dirtydog420

    F-pac question

    Having done several batches of wine of the past two years, I have never made a f-pac before.. there are a couple I have back sweetened, but I enjoy the taste/flavor of the fermented fruit on its own.. Just wondering if anyone else does this or do most add f-pacs?
  6. Dirtydog420

    A little of a lot..

    I have: 4 lbs 7oz mixed red/white concord grapes 1 lbs 1oz blueberries 2 lbs 7oz clementines 3 lbs 12oz watermelon 3 lbs 8oz mixed honey dew and cantaloupe 2 lbs 4oz pineapple 11oz kiwi 2 lbs 5oz strawberries 1 lbs 5oz apples What should I do? Dont really have money for more...
  7. Dirtydog420

    Boston Bruins.. VICTORY!!!

    Well, as a raging Boston Bruins fan, with my voice and throat still hurting from wensdays Stanley Cup game 7 win, I am watching the parade on TV before I bottle some Cranberry wine later.. I still can believe its actually happened.. GO BRUINS...
  8. Dirtydog420

    B-Brite bottle rinsing question..

    I recently switched from C-brite to b-brite for sanitizing bottles for bottling.. When using c-brite, I would fill the bottles twice to rinse them cause of the chlorine.. Obviously with b-brite there is no chlorine, and have been only rinsing once.. So far I havent noticed any off flavors but...
  9. Dirtydog420

    Celebrating victory..

    Sadly, I had to listen to it on the radio, but the BOSTON BRUINS ARE IN THE STANLEY CUP.... FUDGING RIGHT... Sorry to all the tampa fans... Def going to record the stanley cup games, well at least the one game I can watch...
  10. Dirtydog420

    My skeeter pee/hard lemonade experiment..

    I am going to try to make a skeeter pee/ hard lemonade that will be carbonated. I am basicly looking to replicate Mike's.. I have just started to do research.. And have a couple questions.. I am planning to use the basic skeeter recipe, however my questions are: Should I try adding dry...
  11. Dirtydog420

    Types of Corks

    I usually use the basic corks available at my LBS but the other day I sent more than twice as much for some corks 'Diam II' winery grade corks.. Was wondering if anyone had used these corks before and if there really was any difference.. I mean, they are made in France, which is wine country, so...
  12. Dirtydog420

    Maple Sap/syrup problems..

    I made some maple sap wine that I sweetened with some maple syrup and sugar to get an sg of about 1075.. I pitched yest on it about 2 or 3 days ago and since then the must has seemed to turned to gel.. Cant really even get a spoon full.. I added some petic enzyme but I am not sure its going to...
  13. Dirtydog420

    Maple Sap

    Getting 25 gallons of maple sap for free tomorrow. Plan add enough sugar to make 12% then back sweeten with Maple Syrup.. I think I might add some maple syrup before fermentation for better flavor..
  14. Dirtydog420

    Sparkling Key Lime..

    I took a gallon of my Key Lime wine and made it sparkle.. Truely awesome.. Better than I thought it would be..
  15. Dirtydog420

    Acid and Ph adjustments

    I have done much reading on wine making. Several books, articles, ect and they all talk about how to take an acid test and how to test for Ph. However, they all just say 'make adjustments as needed' after you get the test results and never tell you how to adjust the must... So how do you...
  16. Dirtydog420

    My first try at sparkling wine..

    I popped my first cork of a sparkling wine I bottled a month & half ago.. I am surprised that my first attempt at this came out so well... I love 'champagne' so knowing my first try came out so well means that the 5 gallons of banana that I am turning into 'champagne' will come out good...
  17. Dirtydog420

    Key Lime Skeeter Pee

    A few months ago, I made a Key lime version of skeeter pee.. Came out great. Was an amazing wine to be able to drink a month after I started.. The first two months the wine tasted awesome, and we drank it all but two bottles.. We drank the last of the two bottle after it had been in the bottle...
  18. Dirtydog420

    more than expected..

    So last week I got a score of 40 pounds of frozen Maine blueberries for about 1.15 a pound... Mashed them up really well, and got about 3 gallons of pure juice. Divided into two primaries and let it sit for about 30 hrs with pectic enzyme.. Add one gallon of hot water with enough sugar to bring...
  19. Dirtydog420

    Boston Sports

    Well, football is in full swing and the Patriots look pretty good for a playoff run.. The Bruins look great so far this season and we are still getting Savard back sometime... And the Celtics open tonight against the Heat... I love this time of...
  20. Dirtydog420

    Best pear trees for wine

    Just wondering if anyone makes pear wine regularly and which pears taste best? Hopefully going buy a piece of land from my parents and one of the frst things im going to do is plant some pear trees..