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    Wanted to buy: Manual Crusher/Destemmer

    Hi everyone, it's been a while since I was on here! Been busy with life and work and all that, but still making wine. Actually in the first stages of starting a small winery with my brother! I'm looking for a manual grape crusher/destemmer. I'm looking at a bigger harvest than last year, and...
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    your states hidden food.

    I'm not sure how hidden it is, but one dish you see a lot in Kentucky is a "Hot Brown", named after where it was created, the Brown Hotel in Louisville. Another one from the Appalachian part of the state:
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    Bitcoins, anyone?

    Starting that far back, he had a good chance of creating bitcoins, but the problem is that with every bitcoin produced by the algorithm, the next one becomes harder to produce, so these days you have to be part of a large consortium of people all pooling their computing resources to create some...
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    Options on larger than 6 gallon secondaries

    I have this 10 gallon fermenter, I love it. A lot of people say it's a little too flexible, but I think that's a good thing for the most part.
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    WineXpert Winexpert adds a new kit!

    I really like the eclipse line so far, I just bottled the cabernet, and it really seems to have potential. I love syrah, so this is definitely on my list.
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    anyone here use samsung galaxy with kies

    My android phone works ok via usb, but I got tired of transferring the cable between the charger and the computer (I know the computer charges it, but if I charge it there then I forget it when I leave for work). So I created a shared folder on my computer, and use an app called ES File...
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    WineXpert Eclipse Lodi Ranch 11 Cabernet Sauvignon

    I'll be bottling this kit soon as well, I racked it for the last time tonight. I had a little left over that I am drinking right now. It needs some aging of course (It's 6 months old now and just racked off 2 months bulk aging). But wow, it's already pretty good, and I know it will get...
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    For Norton vintners

    I pressed my Norton yesterday, I only ended up with 2.5 gallons of wine though. The fermentation was nearly done (just a shade above 1.000), so I dropped some Lalvin Bacchus MLF bacteria in.
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    For Norton vintners

    I only did the refractometer reading, so I don't know what my hydrometer would have said. I'll be using it when it's close to done though. I taste tested mine and they were super sweet, not tart, so I really hope the acid is good. I'll adjust later if I need it though. I did have about a...
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    For Norton vintners

    I picked my nortons last sunday, they were just shy of 24 brix. I only got about 50 lbs though, so I don't expect a lot of wine. But it's the first time I got enough to make just Norton wine. I'm hoping the high brix will mean the acid is lower, I haven't checked it yet. I did k-meta and...
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    Norton or Chambourcin

    I'm not in North Carolina, but Kentucky. We have a lot of the same problems though. Nortons grow well here, they are pretty resistant to the diseases that thrive in humid areas. I do not like Chambourcin wine (just my personal preference, don't want to start a war!). But there are a lot of...
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    Other Juice buckets vs premium wine kits

    I'd say at $55 or so, the juice bucket is a steal. The juice is a LOT better than a $55 kit. My experience is with Luva Bella buckets, and the juice there is easily as good as most kits you'd pay $120 or more for. The difference is the grape pack I think more than anything else.
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    Other Juice buckets vs premium wine kits

    I like the juice buckets, I got two last year, a Petite Sirah and a Chateau Neuf du Pape. Both have turned out good. To me, the buckets are more fun because you have more control. Also, the price is a lot better than a high end kit. Truthfully when I buy a kit that costs 140 dollars or more...
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    Other Cornucopia 2 kits we love SALE priced on Amazon

    Is it possible you've drunk too much of your own wine and have your camera upside down?
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    Ageing of wine!

    You didn't mention what kind of wine you are making, dry or sweet. If you prefer to make sweet wines, then in my opinion they don't need as much aging, although they can definitely improve with some aging. Sugar hides a lot of faults, including lack of aging. Dry wines, on the other hand...
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    Other Cornucopia 2 kits we love SALE priced on Amazon

    I would say in addition to the coconut f-pac. That might make it too sweet for some but chris-jw mentioned reducing some pineapple juice to add in addition to the coconut f-pac. For me I'm sticking to the coconut f-pac that came with it.
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    Other Cornucopia 2 kits we love SALE priced on Amazon

    I think a pineapple f-pac would work well, but if you do that you might consider waiting until after adding it to use the clearing agents that the kit contains. Pineapple is notoriously hard to clear, and if you add more after you clear you might need to clear again.
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    Other Cornucopia 2 kits we love SALE priced on Amazon

    I plan on using the f-pak that came with it to backsweeten. I'll add the pineapple to the primary. The pineapple I'm using is a collection of fresh and canned pineapple I've been accumulating in the freezer for a while.
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    Other Cornucopia 2 kits we love SALE priced on Amazon

    Finally received my two yesterday, Coconut Frascata and Melon Zinfandel blush. I started the Melon Zinfandel Blush today with modifications. I added about 10 lbs of various fruit (mostly strawberries and table grapes), and 1 cup of hibiscus flowers. I'm trying to push it more towards red...
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    Other Cornucopia 2 kits we love SALE priced on Amazon

    Mine hasn't arrived yet either, going on 2 weeks now. The tracking shows it left California about 3 days ago, must be shipped in someone's backpack.