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  1. Sailor323

    Can I press red wine grapes the day they are picked?

    Probably a little late for this, but you could try carbonic maceration.
  2. Sailor323

    Say CHEESE!

    I can remember exactly when I drank my last glass of milk. I always hated milk, detested it, would never drink it as a kid. In August of 1966 I was in Peace Corps training and spent 2 weeks living with a family of native Canadians in Shefferville, northern Québec. I didn't speak their native...
  3. Sailor323

    Wine labels

    I don't like having to remove labels so I don't use paper labels. Instead, I write on the bottle using an enamel paint marker. When the bottle is empty, it is easy to remove with a stainless scouring pad.
  4. Sailor323

    Say CHEESE!

    I love this cheese. Cypress Grove has an impressive lineup and they're all exceptional. Midnight moon is very nice
  5. Sailor323

    Can I press red wine grapes the day they are picked?

    Champagne, a sparkling white wine, is made from Pinot Noir grapes. On the other hand, there are teinturier grapes, red/black grapes that have red juice. Maréchal Foch, for example. It makes a fine, light, fruity wine when pressed right after picking.
  6. Sailor323

    The Bread Thread

    I usually weigh everything. Sometimes though I just measure an exact amount of water and add most of the flour mixed with the yeast and salt. Then I add more flour until the dough reaches the right consistency. I tend to like high levels of hydration (about 75%) with the dough being still a...
  7. Sailor323

    Acid test kit

    It will not affect the test. Regardless of how much distilled H2O you add to the must, the total amount of acid is still there and it takes the same amount of NaOH to neutralize it.
  8. Sailor323

    Concord Grape Wine

    I have used Concords several times, fermented out dry. Decent enough wine but not very complex. I recently tasted a 2001 Concord which was surprisingly good. At crushing it was at Brix 15 and TA 75%. I left on skins 2 weeks and chaptalized at a rate of 10 oz/gal. Oddly, my notes don't...
  9. Sailor323

    Say CHEESE!

    If you like "stinky" red bacteria cheese, you can't do better than French Meunster or Willoughby (an American cheese). Sweet, rich, nutty. One of my faves
  10. Sailor323

    Ferrari Bottle Filler Questions - NEED HELP

    Any opinions on the Buon Vino filler? Not the electric version.
  11. Sailor323

    Say CHEESE!

    Supper at our house usually consists of a variety of cheeses, sausage and olives. The cheese selection usually has a white mold cheese such as Camembert or St André, a Roquefort, aged Manchego (one of my faves), a smelly cheese such as French Meunster (Willoughby is an excellent American red...
  12. Sailor323

    Bad Habits

    Yeah, I've had a similar problem. A couple of times I had 7 or 8 carboys of wine underway, some reds, some whites. They were unlabeled and it took a bit of forensic detective work to remember which varieties were in which carboys. Now, I label each carboy with the variety and dates of actions...
  13. Sailor323

    Lacto Fermented Dills...

    One more thing. I recently made a couple of batches of sweet pickles that involved a 7 day fermentation period then an overnight bath in alum water (for crispness), then a 6 hour rinse in vinegar. Finally, the pickles are packed in sugar and pickling spices which leaches the liquid from the...
  14. Sailor323

    Lacto Fermented Dills...

    Lacto-fermented is the same thing as fermented. The natural fermentation produces lactic acid which, along with salt, preserves the vegetables. I always use grape leaves for crisp pickles.
  15. Sailor323

    Lacto Fermented Dills...

    I put a grape leaf or 2 in each jar to retain crispnes
  16. Sailor323

    Lacto Fermented Dills...

    Not all lacto-fermented cukes are dill. Also, not all dill pickles are lacto-fermented
  17. Sailor323


    Interesting article. The Quest to Recreate a Lost and ‘Terrifying’ Medieval Mead - Gastro Obscura (
  18. Sailor323

    Find the necklace

    Reminds me of a Bob Hope skit. Hope has his hands full and asks his female straight "man" to retrieve the keys from his pocket. She says, "I feel real crazy." Hope replies, "Go a little deeper and you'll feel real nuts."
  19. Sailor323

    Inexpensive wine storage

    Here's what I have, I don't remember the cost but I doubt you'll find anything cheaper.
  20. Sailor323

    Bottle aging vs bulk aging

    II don't understand why you would use bourbon soaked chips. Seems to me that would impart a bourbon flavor to the wine.