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    A Delightful Shiraz

    I am brimming with excitement to tell you about a premium shiraz wine i tasted recently. It is called Penfolds Grange 2001. Ever since i have come across this wonderful tool by vivino which lets me find out every thing about a wine just by emailing it's label to [email protected] and vivino tells...
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    Know your wine

    So you are drinking and enjoying a wine you know nothing about and the people around also do not know any thing about it. If you are carrying a mobile phone which is equipped with a camera and email feature.then you have to just click the picture of wine bottle label and email it to...
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    Pitfalls of being careless with left over wines

    Just imagine you opened the newly bought bottle of a chardonnay wine, poured it into the sparkling goblet and had it with your favorite roasted lamb. you kept the left over wine carelessly only to find it being turned into a salad dressing vinegar. It often happens when you are a novice,so...