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  1. hounddawg

    Fruit Packs Values

    no, i like to wait 10 to 14 days so i know bottle shock is not a factor,but i am so ready,,, Dawg
  2. hounddawg

    Fruit Packs Values

    walkers do they have a online site"? Dawg
  3. hounddawg

    Fruit Packs Values

    Joe when i started back was about 2012, joined here in 2014, at first it was incredibly hard to wait for aging, but i am a natural born patience person,first batch aged 2 years, my but Joe after seeing well your color, well it is killing me to wait to after bottle shock, i make a fair amount...
  4. hounddawg

    Where to get sugar

    I've been wondering , in your areas , is sugar plentiful now, in my area i can get a max of 6# 25 lb bags for under $12 each, Dawg
  5. hounddawg

    summer temps?

    if you go for a window AC unit , make sure it is 220v they cost more to buy, but a 110v you will be paying foreverr monthly, 110v uses much more on your electric bill, and as Johnd said a small one will work great just keep the door shut, and in L.A. their electric bill costs are nuts, Dawg
  6. hounddawg

    Zelix Wine Adventures...Beginner Gearing up.

    i hear the Portuguese floor corker has plastic jaws, just heard don't know, i use the italian floor corker, with brass jaws, and it is a great floor corker. Dawg
  7. hounddawg

    My first try is a balloon wine.

    odds are it should be good, ad get drilled bungs and S airlocks,,, Dawg
  8. hounddawg

    Racking & Filtering

    me too Dawg
  9. hounddawg

    Racking & Filtering

    i filter with ever rack or bottling . i use whole house filters spun polypropylene filters, from fermenter to secondary since i do not use fruit packs i use a 25 micron filter only for racking from fermenter to glass carboy, after that i use 5 microns on my reds and 1 micron on my whites, on...
  10. hounddawg

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    ah,,, TIME the winemakers secret ingredient ,,,, Dawg
  11. hounddawg

    A little twist on a country wine - dandelion mead

    as well as i will carry my shame as long as i live, i'm southern , and with respect for others, , i was raised with morals, compassion, i will carry the wrong i did you sir, it made me a small man, Richard AKA Dawg
  12. hounddawg

    A little twist on a country wine - dandelion mead

    Sir would you mind documenting this ideal of yours,i am not interested in making any, unfolds, that is but i would love to know how you project comes about, with my so called pallet tastes very heavy fruits and berries that are sweet, i have drank dandelion wine 40 years ago, bue never...
  13. hounddawg

    A little twist on a country wine - dandelion mead

    i too use amounts of lemon juice as well Dawg
  14. hounddawg

    A little twist on a country wine - dandelion mead

    your pallat is normal, smell is most of your taste, with a tracheostomy changes the way one's mind process taste differently, i've never used a tanning, in place of grape tanning i use crabapple as my tanning, Dawg
  15. hounddawg

    A little twist on a country wine - dandelion mead

    it smooths out your mead if using wildflower honey, and 1 ounce of steller hop from australia sorry i thought i was on my banana post, Dawg
  16. hounddawg

    Dragons Blood

    dragons blood lower left of strawberry Dawg
  17. hounddawg


  18. hounddawg


    what site are you talking about sorry i put in the wrong address before
  19. hounddawg

    blackberry/elderberry mix

    on homewinerty calls for a 1/2 gallon concentrate per 5 gallons , which to my taste is to light, so i always use 3# half gallon concentrates for 2,,,6-gal carbots, this gives me at start 13 gallons thats 2 - 6,gal carboys and jugs for topping of, now i keep all glass topping jars in 1 gal, 1/2...