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  1. winojoe

    Yeast for sale 5 gram packages (CLOS, D254, D21, R2, W15 and CROSS EVOLUTION)

    These yeasts have been re-packaged from a 500 gram bag in order to make available to the consumer some fine professional wine yeasts. They are being sold in quantities of 5 for $10 which includes shipping within the contiguous United States. Here is what I have available: Lalvin CLOS...
  2. winojoe

    Has anyone used Tannin additives?

    I bought some fermentation tannin from Scott Labs and used it in my Old Vine Zinfandel, Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. Now, I 'm thinking of using a finishing tannin. This is my first venture into the subject. Does anyone have experience using them?
  3. winojoe

    My Wine Press Table Project

    Found this old wine press on "Let Go" for $40. I was pretty wrecked! Now, it is a cool table for our tasting room. Replaced the wood with Hickory. Wire wheeled all of the metal parts, then painted with a can of Grey "Hammered-Look" spray paint from Home Depot. Sprayed the action parts...
  4. winojoe

    I have some Catawba Vines available here in Michigan

    I have about 25 Catawba Vines available right now. They are extras that I bought from Double A Vineyards. $3 each Hopefully you are somewhere in the Detroit, Michigan area. :db
  5. winojoe

    Can anyone identify this gizmo?

    I'm trying to figure out what this gizmo is / does
  6. winojoe

    Grape Juice for Sale (Southeast, MI)

    Serving the Michigan Detroit Metropolitan area since 2007 with grapes from California, and Grape Juice from California, Italy and Chile. I am getting a shipment of Chilean Grape Juice on April 17, 2015 The following is a list of varietals available. Let me know by Friday April 10 if...
  7. winojoe

    Baco 1-X Grape Vines (non-grafted) - For Sale

    I bought 50 grape vines from Double-A Vineyards, but only need about 25. The cost-per-vine was much cheaper buying a total of 50. So, is anyone interested in taking the other 25 vines @ $3 per vine? Their cost for buying 25 vines is $6.75 per vine. I can even divide off some from my bundle...
  8. winojoe

    Hello from Michigan

    I started making wine 7 years ago. Started out with kits and graduated to juice in about a year. My first juice came from a winery in Southwest Ontario Canada called Erie Shores Vineyard. The varietals were Reisling, Vidal and a Baco Noir. The Baco Noir was really great! The following...
  9. winojoe

    Oaking Techniques

    I bought some French Oak Chips to use with two of my varietals. Has anyone here ever performed this technique with oak chips? ...I have never done it and need some guidance. How do you sanitize the chips before introducing them to the wine?:confused: How much should I use for a 6 gallon...