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  1. J

    DangerDave's Dragon Blood Wine

    After reading this post and doing a little research I decided to buy a KLR filter. The parts arrived about a week after I ordered and I set out to filter a batch of blueberry ready to bottle. Due to manufacturing defect where the jar's lip that seals on the gasket in the lid, it leaked a lot...
  2. J

    Cleaning time for One-Step no rinse cleaner

    I use one of these long pipe cleaner brushes for my racking canes and racking tubing, long enough to clean it from both sides. I also have a pond pump that goes into a bucket of cleaner with different attachments for flushing tubing, rinsing carboys, etc. I make sure to clean after use then they...
  3. J


    I'll swap with you, Joe! Send me a PM with the details
  4. J

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    I started a tester 1 gallon batch of banana a few days ago. I kinda winged it on the sugar so it started at 1.110. 3.5lbs of bananas after peeling, 3 pounds sugar, 1.5lbs of frozen strawberries. Not expecting much flavor out of the berries but decided to throw them in last minute. It smells...
  5. J

    Vacuum Wine Corker - 5 Dollars

    I'm curious about the necessary dimensions for the cone piece. I have the equipment necessary to manufacture them on a batch by batch basis as needed. PM me if you are interested @Rice_Guy
  6. J

    Cleaning station

    In the short term you can always hook a length of hose to the sink and run it out the garage door as a temporary drain until you work out a permanent solution.
  7. J

    What is The Best Nebbiolo Kit?

    I hadn't thought of that when I bought a gallon of carlo rossi for the new years eve sangria... Next time I will give it a try!
  8. J

    What is The Best Nebbiolo Kit?

    I was not impressed with the World Vineyard Nebbiolo when I did it. I refuse to willingly drink it or give it away, so I will open a bottle every 6 months until that changes or I need the room and dump them. YMMV of course but I would advise against it and recommend a higher end kit.
  9. J

    Making wine racks

    I built this rack a few months ago to keep up with my batches, as I was running out of storage. 160 bottle capacity. Cost about $65 in material plus my time to make it.
  10. J

    Hello Everyone

    Welcome, Carl!
  11. J

    Sweeter wine

    No problem! It looks like you are well on your way now, good luck and let us know how it turns out!
  12. J

    Sweeter wine

    Temperature is important for sure, I keep my "wine room" at 74 degrees. It is good that your wine has responded well to the temperature change, I don't think you hurt anything by it being too cold, the yeast just went dormant for a little bit.You may want to double check your usage of the...
  13. J

    Sweeter wine

    Edward, as the yeast in your must consumes sugar, the specific gravity will drop. Essentially, the yeast eat sugar, burp out CO2 bubbles, and pee out alcohol. The time that it takes depends on several factors.If you aren't seeing bubbles and aren't seeing your hydrometer readings dropping, then...
  14. J

    What are you making and what have you made ???

    Today I bottled a 1 gallon batch of cherry wine. Went a bit lower than usual with this one, only 9.6% abv. I also have 5 gallons of blueberry and 5 gallons of skeeter pee going right now.
  15. J

    Sweeter wine

    Is there a hard and fast rule as to when it is recommended to add the sorbate? Every single wine I have backsweetened had sorbate added to the bottling bucket, kmeta, then rack the wine in and sweeten to taste. I have seen several on this site mention adding it way earlier than I have ever done...
  16. J

    What R you doing today?

    Started my first ever batch of Skeeter pee and I'm going to bottle an experimental batch of cherry wine shortly.
  17. J

    Cleaning station

    When selecting a drill bit, take note of the GPH of the pump you will be using. First try for me was with a 1/8" bit as the tutorial says and I found that with the number of holes I drilled the flow was less than desirable. I made a new PVC upright and used a 1/16" drill bit for the second and...
  18. J

    Cleaning station

    I wash my buckets in the basement laundry sink and wash carboys with a modified version of this DIY washer. Carboys get a rinse with a pvc pipe with holes drilled in it like that hooked to a hose at the sink, then go through a wash and sanitize cycle of the pump fed washer before sitting upside...
  19. J


    Thank you for the warm welcome. Here is a pic of the last batch of blueberry I did with 15lbs of berries in a 5 gallon batch. Not as dark as some make but still has a ton of blueberry flavor. 14.7% abv