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    Riddling Aid

    In Daniel Pambianchi's book he mentions adding tannin @ 20g/hl and also suggests betonite may be used as riddling aids to help in later removal of sediment in making a sparkling wine in traditional method. Any ideas how much betonite? Other ideas? My first time trying a bubbly and I will be...
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    Thinking a home wine maker working with hybrids could try a small batch of crushed and destemed grapes in a large stainless steel pot heated to 140 degrees for a few minutes then pressed and possibly experience some of the added fruit and reduced green bell pepper flavors we fight. For me I may...
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    Sparkling hybrids?

    Wondering if anyone can share a good source in making sparkling wine from hybrids? Both red and white grapes?
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    Hybrid grape wine only?

    Are there any contests that are all hybrid only wines?