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  1. Ernest T Bass

    Floor Corker

    I'm fixin to bite the bullet and buy a floor corker. Been looking a a Portuguese Red and a Portuguese Burgendy, Both around $80,00, Is the Burgendy worth the extra $10.00, it looks like it may be a little stronger with the extra up-right support? Or - what is the recommended floor corker...
  2. Ernest T Bass

    From Bucket to Carbouy

    Just read a post by SPR and a answer by heaterd. Here's how I transfer from bucket to carbouy, and is it okay to do it this way? I make mostly fruit wine and when the SpGr reaches about 1.010 I put a paint strainer over a 5 gallon bucket and dip about a quart of the hulls and juice out and...
  3. Ernest T Bass

    Off taste in muscadine wine

    Another question from Ernest T. I have some Muscadine/Elderberry wine that is about a year old and it has a off taste. I would call it a medicine taste, I've tried adding acid blend, pH was 3.4 and brought it to 3.0 with no change, added potassium bicarbonate and brought it to 3.6 with no...
  4. Ernest T Bass

    Corks not bottoming out

    Just bottled 15 bottles of muscadine wine. Out of 15 bottles, only 2 of them had the cork flush with the top of the bottle. They all felt like they bottomed out and the lever went all the way down just like the 2 that were flush with the top of the bottle. What am I doing wrong? Thanks for...
  5. Ernest T Bass

    How you like this?

  6. Ernest T Bass

    Need ideas

    I am starting a 3 gallon batch of scratch wine. Chicken Scratch (milo, wheat and cracked corn). Read Jack Kellers recipe and no new ideas there, except to add rasins. Started tonite, 1 gallon of scratch, threw out anything that floated. added 3 liters of water and a little less than 1/4 tsp...
  7. Ernest T Bass

    Elderberry cuttings/plants

    I have about 30 elderberry plants from cuttings and transplanting shoots. They are about a foot tall and look good. I would like to know if I should plant them now or wait until fall or spring. Where I am going to plant them, I can keep them watered. If I should wait until spring or fall how...
  8. Ernest T Bass

    Check to see

    Jess Sellner shared Kiss 95.9's photo.
  9. Ernest T Bass


    Hope this is the right forum... I have about 25 muscadine vines, they are approx 5 years old and are producing good. They are Ison Black and Darlane (bronze). I can't make wine that taste or smells like muscadine with them. Last year I made 3 gallons using 8 gallons of muscadines, juice...
  10. Ernest T Bass

    Made a mistake

    Making Skeeter Pee, 5 gallons, EC 1118 , SpGr 1.070. Here is where I "wadden" paying attention to what I was doing, I added 3 tsp of tannin when I should have added 3/4 th tsp. It fermented to .990, statalized with k-meta and sorbate (my recipe said to add 1/2 tsp of k-meta, but I only added...
  11. Ernest T Bass


    I'll try to shorten this, but still give enuf info for a educated guess. 5 Gallons of Elderberrs, started at 1.090 and finished at .990. Added k-Meta and sorbate, a couple of days later added sparkolloid. Back sweetened to 1.020 and hasn't changed for the last 2 weeks. Problem is I can't get...
  12. Ernest T Bass

    Does it matter

    After reading several post on stabilizing, it seems like you let the wine clear first. Is it okay to stabilize when you rack from the secondary after the wine has gone dry and doesn't move for 3 days. I usually rack from the secondary on top of k-meta and sorbate and watch for fermentation as...
  13. Ernest T Bass

    Premium Membership

    A couple of months ago I sent TxBrew a check for premium membership. Haven't seen or heard anything about it yet Semper Fi
  14. Ernest T Bass


    After reading several post on finning, it seems like you can use Kieselsol only. You don't have to use Kieselsol and Chitosan together. If so, does this mean that you drop out only the positive or the negative particles in the wine and the other charged particles are left in the wine? What...
  15. Ernest T Bass

    Elderberry Wine

    Most people probably already know this, I mentioned this last year on a post but had forgotten about it (Sometimers kicked in on me). The green goo from the elderberries that sticks to everything can be eliminated from sticking to the stirring spoon by using a wooden paint stirrer, they are...
  16. Ernest T Bass

    Fermenting Temp

    I visited a local winery and talked to the owner for about an hour about how to make good wine. He only made muscadine wine, he said to ferment the muscadines at as low a temperature as you can don't add any water. Was he right one either or both accounts. I started muscadine today, I used...
  17. Ernest T Bass

    Wine Kits

    I have a friend that is going to start making wine and he ask me what kit he should start with. I have only made two kits and both were given to me, so I don't know what to recommend. I have read on here that Cosco Kits were not very good, I don't want him to get discouraged by making a bad...
  18. Ernest T Bass


    Will spraying the hydrometer with K-Meta before taking a SpGr reading hurt anything? I don't want to slow down or stop the fermentation Semper Fi
  19. Ernest T Bass


    Can you adjust the TA after the wine is stabilized and clear? Semper Fi and Thanks
  20. Ernest T Bass

    To Press or not to Press

    What advantage will I see if I buy a press? Presently, when my must gets to about 1.010 I transfer it to a 5 gallon bucket thru a paint straniner and squeeze all the juice I can thru the strainer. I only put about 2 or 3 cups of must in the strainer at a time and the hulls and stuff are pretty...