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    Kiwifruit wine

    How did this wine turn out Wawa? I'm anxious to taste the gold kiwifruit I started, I don't think I've ever tasted a particularly nice one yet.
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    Feijoa (Pineapple guava) mixed with Pineapple

    So I have now bottled the wine, tastes ok definately better than a straight feijoa wine. Although it was probably slightly on the watery side. I later added a little bit of dried mango also, can't really taste it in the wine. Thumbs up to the pinnapple though!
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    Kiwifruit Wine

    Last month I was able to get two full bins of gold kiwifruit, managed to get around 80 litres of juice until my juicer blew up! Didn't even get to the bottom of one of the bins, had to give the rest to the cows unfortunately.. Weird thing was, I juiced them on Friday, came back on Saturday...
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    Hard Apple Cider

    Awesome, thanks Green Mountains. Going to feed the pigs all the pulp, so far they just can't get enough of it.
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    Hard Apple Cider

    Sorry I wasnt more clear, I havent started the fermentation yet. Atmo its just juice sitting in the carboy with an airlock in the garage, temperature is around 16 degrees so I thought it would be ok for now. So if the SG with natural juice is already at 1.050 then its almost fine to start by...
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    Hard Apple Cider

    Oh ok, I took an SG today and it was around 1050 or 1500 I couldn't quite make sense of it. I figure it's 1050, so I'll slightly sweeten to suit. Are there any hints or tips when doing cider compared to wine?
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    Hard Apple Cider

    Just juiced and pressed 300 kgs of apples yesterday, what a day. They're a mix of fuji, red lady (I think thats what he called them) and another one I can't remember now. Now I have around 120 litres of apple juice and I have yet to start pressing the pulp so hoping for a bit more. The pulp...
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    Kiwifruit Wine

    Just put a bag of green kiwifruit through my new apple grinder this weekend, and boy does it destroy them fast ahahaha the ripe ones work best or else they seem to get stuck.. Will be doing a few batches of gold again next week... hopefully!
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    Chili wine

    Sounds good Allie, I'm going to give it a go this afternoon. Matter of fact, I'm going to head to the supermarket now :db
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    What R you doing today?

    Tom - How did your 36 gallons of Italian grape juice go back in 2009? My god thats alot of juice hehe, So I tried my newly built apple press out, worked out I was missing something as a bag full of apples cut into quarters returned only half a cup of juice.. Only to realise that I had to...
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    Wine regions near Amsterdam, Paris, and western and South East Germany

    From what I remember my brother went to the Amstel Brewery (I was underage!) in Amsterdam. The diamond factory is pretty cool, if you like safe the inside of a diamond factory is definately so! haha I found Amsterdam fun for the first 2 days but by the third day I was ready to keep moving, their...
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    Label for Apple Spice Wine (Christmas)

    Good work with the label, the white trees in the background looks cool. Must be cold round yr parts! hehe
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    What do you listen to?

    I listen to New Zealand dub and reggae, like Fat Freddys Drop, Salmonella Dub, Kora, Cornerstone Roots, Tahuna Breaks, Katchafire. If you get the time, check out "Wandering Eye" by Fat Freddys Drop, its just awesome. Chilled out relaxed, awesome beats and vocals. Although a bit of the...
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    Hello from Bowling Green KY

    Welcome TFC! Sounds like you've already gotten back into the swing of things! :b
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    Chili wine

    Hi Allie, Just got a box full of chillies given to us, not sure what to do with them. Made some chilly sauce but was thinking of giving this a go. Does the wine taste spicy? These are pretty spicy little buggers haha Do you think it will be nice enough to drink? or should it only be used...
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    Italy ,Spain, and France when to visit ???

    I'd recommend August thru till early November, my last trip ended midway through november and by then it got damn cold. But September/October is really nice and you miss all the summer traffic.
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    What R you doing today?

    Sounds good Tom, you should take a photo of all your carboys together, I reckon that'd look crazy. I'm saving up my pingers and slowly finding cheap carboys second hand on the net. Need to find a bigger place tho, I've run out of room where I live and have started doing it at the gf's house...
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    Kiwifruit Wine

    I made a complete failure of a kiwifruit wine last season, but with Gold kiwifruit that were overripe. It was a nice golden colour though, Tom - I've never used a TA kit before, what is it used for?
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    What R you doing today?

    Wow Tom, just read your post earlier. You are a machine when it comes to making wine! I've gotta step up my game! haha I'm going out to a apple orchard this weekend, hopefully getting around 200kg's worth. Building a bucket press, as my "project press" is still a long way off being completed...
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    What are you making and what have you made ???

    haha Julie, yeah!! admitting to a empty carboy is like swearing in a church haha