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  1. buffaloricky

    What type of grapes to grow?

    I live in northeast wisconsin and would like to grow some grapes on my land. I like a sweet wine not dry, any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. buffaloricky

    Wine cellar and wine making room

    It is still a work in progress but we are getting there.
  3. buffaloricky

    Oxyclean or One Step

    Is there a difference or will oxyclean do the same as One step?
  4. buffaloricky

    Strawberry Margarita Wine (Twisted Mist)

    I am just about ready to bottle my 6 gallons of Strawberry Margarita wine. I was thinking about bottleing it in some blue beer bottles and having them like a wine cooler. Will this work or should I just stick with normal wine bottles and corks? :a1
  5. buffaloricky


    So it k-meta the same as one-step sanitizier??? If not what is k-meta?:a1
  6. buffaloricky

    carboy dryer

    can you make carboy dryers out of pvc? Has anyone made any and do you have pictures? Thanks
  7. buffaloricky

    Wine Rack and cellar

    Pictures of my wine rack and cellar. Still have alot to do but just like wine it all takes time.:b
  8. buffaloricky


    How would you make up a strong batch of k-meta for sanitizing corks??
  9. buffaloricky

    Beer Kits

    Do the beer kits have an expiration date. I can across an ad on craigslists for beer kits and equipment. The guy could not tell me much. I have a kit at home that I just got for father's day but I do not see any expiration date on it either. Any info would be much appreciated.:a1
  10. buffaloricky

    storage life of homebrew beer

    What is the storage life of a homebrew beer???
  11. buffaloricky

    Screw top beer bottles

    Can you use screw top bottles to bottle beer? If so how?:a1
  12. buffaloricky

    Carboy Handles

    This may be a dumb question but better to ask then do things wrong. With the carboy handles should you attach them in between the two ridges on the neck or under the second ridge?????:?
  13. buffaloricky

    corking screw top bottles

    Can you cork a screw top bottle or must you use a screw cap?:a1
  14. buffaloricky

    watered down wine

    I have a problem, I added some water to my wine to top it off in the carboy. After letting it sit now for a couple of weeks, I went to taste it and it tastes weak or watered down. What can I do???:d
  15. buffaloricky

    Beginning of my wine cellar

    Got hooked on making wine from my friend Marv. Now I have the wife hooked on it as well. The collection continue to grow.
  16. buffaloricky

    Sure way to test for clarity of wine to bottle

    Is there a sure way to test for clarity so you know exactly when to bottle? I am very new at this and have read different things on the forum but I am still confused on this. Thanks