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    V8 Splash wine

    I know someone has been thinking of this, anyone tried it? Mango Peach type Ingredients are Water, high fructose corn syrup, carrot juice, apple juice, citric acid, natural flavoring, peach juice,vitamin c, Mango puree, vitamin E, beta carotine, and sucralose What do you think? Its yummy...
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    Question about long term clearing of Banana wine

    I am really into the country wine thing. Surprised to see everything that you can turn into a wine. That being said I decided on brewing a small batch of Banana wine. Recipe below Banana wine 3 lbs Bananas 1 1/2 cups light raisins 5 cups sugar 2 campden tabs 1 teaspoon nutrients...
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    Question about Isinglass

    I used Isinglass to clear some apfelwien that I made and after one night it is perfectly clear. Now the package says to wait two weeks for clearing. Do I have to wait two weeks or can I bottle now? I know that this material is made from fish.....I don't want my apfelwien tasting like fish!!!
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    SWMBO likes it!

    My first two batches of home brews are nearing completion. I started with Ancient Orange Mead and Ed Wort's Apfelvein. The Applevein is starting to clear and tested gravity at 1.01, still some bubbles going on but will be done soon. Tasted a sample and it was pretty good. Instead of...