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    Used barrel was sulfur'd 3 years ago -- OK to use?

    My brother bought a used 60 gallon barrel from a winery going out of business, about 3 years ago. He was told that a sulphur stick had been burned in it. Fast forward to today and we are ready to retire our current barrel. I was reading about sulfur burning (we use the citric acid+ sulfite...
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    SO2 Management During Barrel Aging

    This year I was pretty diligent in checking SO2 levels in our barrels. We use powder mixed in the topping off wine. Pour it in and give it a good swirl with a stirring stick. After malolactic I hit them both with 50 PPM. I checked it about every 4 months and the free SO2 level had dropped...
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    Rosé help

    I'll give this a try and report back.
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    Rosé help

    Yes they are saignee style. In fact I just went to a home winemaking event with some of the CA growers in attendance. When he tried my rose (made with his grapes) he said the same thing regarding brix and PH. I'll have to investigate more regarding Brett -- the taste was pretty evident...
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    Rosé help

    This is my 3rd year making rosé. The first year, I pulled 5g of juice from freshly crushed Barbera at 26 Brix and fermented with 71B. I put the bucket inside a larger bucket in my basement utility sink and filled the outer bucket with cold water, and added ice a few times a day to keep the...
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    Vomit-like acidic taste...butyric acid?

    That's what I've read as well. The only confusing thing is that the two juice buckets are different grape varieties. Though I suppose there could have been cross-contamination since they came from the same brand and bought at the same time. But the conditions in my basement were pretty warm...
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    Does wine from juice buckets taste odd to you?

    Here are the two batches that I'm comparing: 2013: Sangiovese and Lambrusco with RC212. No oak chips. No sorbate. Racked several times as normal while aging for at least 6 months in 5g carboys. Added 1/4tsp per carboy sulfite after fermentation and pre-bottling. 2016: Montepulciano...
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    Does wine from juice buckets taste odd to you?

    This year we used EC-1118, in the past we used RC212. I believe for the buckets we've added a half dose of nutrient when pitching the yeast -- I think it was a blend from our local shop.
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    oak barrel and bung

    Very interesting...I wonder why they have this disclaimer though: "While 99% of our barrels are still watertight, we don't recommend or certify their use for any potable liquids." Because they might not be watertight, or because they're not storing them for use, and might be contaminated...
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    Does wine from juice buckets taste odd to you?

    Been making wine from grapes and juice buckets. Every juice bucket we've made, for about 4 years, has this slightly odd and off-putting taste to me. I can't really describe it, and it seems like some people I ask don't even notice it. Last night, my cousin described it as a mild "smokiness"...
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    Who here ages their wine in lees?

    We ferment the crush, rack into carboys, and add ML. That first rack gets rid of all the "gross lees". Then we let them sit (stirring every week) until ML is complete, rack and sulfite. We also do a barrel. Crush, ferment, rack into a tub for just a day or two to let things settle out, then...
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    Vomit-like acidic taste...butyric acid?

    A month or so ago we noticed that a few of the carboy airlocks had completely evaporated. Yesterday we went through all 10 carboys in preparation for bottling soon. We discovered that two (from different juice buckets) have this hint of vomit-like acidity. It's just enough to make them...
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    Help needed for bizarre problem! Soap in wine?

    So we fermented a bucket of white juice late fall. After fermentation it had a really bad off-putting chemical taste and smell, and still does. I had no idea what could have gone wrong, until I gave a winemaking pro a taste, and he said it tasted like soap. He recommended I try fining with...
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    Which Yeast would you choose

    Where did you find the Renaissance yeast? Heard about it but they only list two commercial distributors on their site.
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    Checking Malolactic Fermentation

    You'll want to get a malolactic paper chromatography test kit like this one: I personally wouldn't go by bubbling or time. The $60 test kit will last you a few seasons. Several years ago we did a large batch of Barbera, not ML...
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    Wine Cellar Ideas Wanted

    i made one these single bottle racks based on a design in a back issue of winemaker. It's about 5x5' and holds 100. The design is easy and cheap but it took a bit of time to just mark the spacing and nail each individual piece to the beams (for that design at least). It's almost filled up and...
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    How do you make wine?

    checking off more than one option would be good. We do fresh grapes, cider from fresh orchard juice, dabble in other fruit wines... Perhaps cider and mead should be their own options...
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    odd chemical taste in rosé and white wines

    I tried the white again last night while I was racking it into a carboy -- I'm thinking it's the taste of fusel alcohol -- I had a similar issue with a batch of mead a few years ago. And it actually does have a strong chemical odor. Is there anything that can be done for that?
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    odd chemical taste in rosé and white wines

    Hi gang -- so I'm tasting a very odd chemical taste in two separate batches of wine we did. Both fermented around 65-70F. The first was two buckets of rosé made with zin juice drawn off from the must of our main batch. Fermented for about a week with RC212 at a friend's house while I was...
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    Stuck at 1 Brix, help needed!

    UPDATE: adding the 5brix fermenting must did the trick. Both drums were down to close to 0brix after 2 days.