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    Chilean Cab - Sweet?

    Posting this as we tried some Chilean buckets this round. Starting SG 1.090 Finished at .996 - the cab is still really sweet tasting. It tastes like it didn't ferment dry. I have tried several SG readings with two different hydrometers- all show its done - it feels like the cab should not be...
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    My First Attempt at Dangerdave's Dragon Blood

    Just finished my first batch as well and have to say "I am impressed" and so is my snobby wife who does not drink sweet blush. The mother in law even tried a sample and refused to believe I made it. I added raisins to the primary and oaked...perhaps over sweetened even with daves recommended...
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    Greetings from the 'Burgh

    Home is in Manor near Irwin!
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    Greetings from the 'Burgh

    Cheers everyone! After an eight year hiatus from our hobby vineyard (We got relocated), my wife and I are back at it with kits and carboys! Looking forward to picking up tips and tricks from the forum. Just finished a 256 bottle rack with 90 aging and 5 more 6 gallon batches in the works. Going...