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  1. barbiek

    Adding body

    I put banana peels in the carboy after transferring it from bucket.
  2. barbiek

    Post a photo, any photo

    I planted it for pie. But having a terrible time getting it to grow!
  3. barbiek

    Post a photo, any photo

    Yea you need not worry about the destruction of our country just drink more wine!
  4. barbiek

    Winemaking Equipment for Sale

    I have a few carboys looking to get rid of. Their 5 gal I live in N E ohio though message me if your interested. I have glass and plastic
  5. barbiek

    Frontenac harvest

  6. barbiek

    Post a photo, any photo

    My table grapes as of today
  7. barbiek

    HELP! Need help before chain saws get used!

    Update For curiosity sake the name of these critters are bag worms. They are masters of disguise! Their cacoon looks like a lil pine cone! That's why they were able to progress so much! Their like a snail where they will extend out of their built in house.
  8. barbiek

    HELP! Need help before chain saws get used!

    Thanks dralarms I figured they would have to go! Do you know the name of them? Thanks a lot
  9. barbiek

    HELP! Need help before chain saws get used!

    Here's a pic although it's sideways It needs to be turned to the right once help Julie thanks
  10. barbiek

    HELP! Need help before chain saws get used!

    No it's not my vines but it could be if I don't get rid of these worms! I have 3 cedar trees that were always green and lush but it has been browning and dry at the top been wondering why it was browning, I think I got the reason but it's happening fast! My friend walked into a bunch of webs the...
  11. barbiek

    Post a photo, any photo

    Oh she's perrty!:HB
  12. barbiek

    Post a photo, any photo

    Lol I know first granddaughter not first time grandmother. The spoiling had begun before I received the invitation to the shower in her honor :db
  13. barbiek

    Post a photo, any photo

    First granddaughter First granddaughter Mackenzie Lee
  14. barbiek

    Pick a Wine Kit & Win a Wine Kit Giveaway

    Lodi Ranch Cabernet I've ordered from you in the past but it's been a while I had requested a RJSpangals cellar craft Beaujolais but you had said you couldn't get it I was very disappointed sorry I haven't visited the site since:ib Barbie ps I'll go check the site again
  15. barbiek

    No Fermentation

    A good fermentation takes oxygen give it a good stir to get some oxygen to it. Next time a bucket with a dish towel draped over it. Give it a stir everyday, then transfer it to carboy when sg is 1010 don't worry about transferring some of the lees. I learned from this site not to throw it out...
  16. barbiek

    Petite pearl

    I have 6 vines of petite Pearl slow growing they are! And as far as the wine I'm not sure the vines are still young. But I made some wine from my Marquette and I got rave reviews from everyone that had some! Keep in mind it's not a heavy wine like a Merlot or Cabernet. Light and fruity:h
  17. barbiek

    Post a photo, any photo

    This is one of my favorites that you have posted keep em coming all are so beautiful!:HB
  18. barbiek

    Preparing to Bottle Blackberry

    I use easy clean cleanser to wash my equipment it brings out the wine spots out of the carpet if used right after it gets on carpet or oxyclean will work too! Don't know if it works on dried stains but I know when I wipe up the carpet with easy clean when cleaning my utensils it takes all the...
  19. barbiek

    Flavoring a weak batch of blackberry wine

    Or if you did add the sorbate Make a separate batch, adding the new wine to the existing after the process but only adding about 1/4 of the water if any I had to do that. What is your sg of your wine? Save some of the xtra concentrate to back sweeten it good luck and don't forget to add sorbate...
  20. barbiek

    Just bottled my first Marquette Wine

    I even wait a year for kits! And my patience has paid off but it kinda bums me out cuz I have the filter set up to the all in one. I just can't bring myself to use it if not needed. But my dandie lion wine will need it for sure