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  1. Papa b

    CA winemaker club

    Hello everybody Is there any home winemaker club in Southern California ? Thanks Mike
  2. Papa b

    Happy thanksgiving

    I want to wish everybody a very Happy Thanksgiving Thanks for all the help Sincerely Papa B :thg
  3. Papa b

    wine cooler

    Hello everyone I want to buy a wine cooler for 200 bottles or so, I don't have a basement (live in so California) weather is warm most of the time, but also I don't want to spend a couple of thousands bucks So a buddy of mine has a flower refrigerator and a snapple vending machine that i can...
  4. Papa b

    Funny taste

    I bottled (about 10 days ago) a KR classic trilogy, the color, temp and SG reading were on track before i bottled, clean and sanitized everything, before I bottled i went ahead and tasted the wine it was pretty good IMO, I went yesterday i opened one bottle , couldn't wait and to my surprise the...
  5. Papa b

    brewing beer equipment ?

    Hello everyone I want to try to make beer from a kit ( never made beer before ) Talked to LHBS and the said not to use aluminum pot for boiling,should be stainless steel. I've got a turkey fryer 8 gallons and all the equip from wine, I didn't want to spend $ 80.00 on a 7 gallons stainless...
  6. Papa b

    Too much secondary fermentation??

    Hello everybody Transfer a Vineco Connoisseur Merlot to secondary fermenter after 7 days and 2 consecutive days with a S.G of 1.000 (suggested S.G by manufactured 1.010) prior to transfer there was not visible fermentation in carboy or bubbles/gasses coming true the airlock , Now after...
  7. Papa b

    Stuck Fermentation ?

    Ok, you guys Probably answer this a million times 3 1/2 days ago I started a Winexpert Chilean cabernet with a SG of 1.060 thinking that was low I went ahead and pitch the yeast anyway, next morning there was a lot of action, fermentation look under way, but yesterday which is 2 1/2 days...
  8. Papa b

    Salute everybody !!

    My name is Mike, my kids friends and a lots of people call me "Papa B" I've a member of this forum for 5 months and never introduce myself, Sorry ! I live in Murrieta, Southern California, I made a few kits,Merlot aging, just bottled chardonay last week and KR Trilogy this weekend (with a lot...
  9. Papa b

    SG Too low ? Hmmm

    Ok I bottled the Chardonay last week and the KR Trilogy this weekend both tasted pretty good:dg Now in the fermenter I started a KR Merlot and also started a Winexpert Chilean Cabernet sauvignon 15 litres, The winexpert kit sugested SG 1.080 to 1.100 the SG reading is 1.068 is that to low ? or...
  10. Papa b

    old labels

    What is the easy way to remove old labels from old wine bottles, i soak them in water overnight and work okay, still a lot of scraping, any hints ? thank You Papa :dg:dg
  11. Papa b

    Thank You

    I just want to say Thank You To the,seniors, moderator,juniors and everybody that always willing to help you, to understand the process of winemaking to new members (like myself without make you feel dumb) I look into others forums, but this one by far is got to be the nicest bunch of guys and...
  12. Papa b

    topping up or not

    Hello everybody I'm new,learning and excited about this hobby this is my 2nd batch first one a merlot, I think that it came out pretty good for a new guy my question is I'm in the second fermentation stage of a Ken Ridges Classic trilogy, and after racking for the second time I lost about 1.5...
  13. Papa b

    potassium metabisulfite solution

    Hello everyone I just wondering if I mix Potassium Metabisulfite with water in a sprayer to sanitize hydrometer, thief, spoons before stick it in my wine, how long that solution could last and what do you guys recommended mix ratio Thank You Papa B