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    Quick/fast aging white?

    Just as my luck would have it. I search for an answer for 2 days with no luck, create a new thread and find the info I was looking for within 2 minutes in a different thread. So if anyone has a question similar to what I did I would recommend clicking the link below. Once there look for the...
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    Quick/fast aging white?

    3 months would be fine to wait, 6 month could even be a possibility but I can't make any promises. I'm not looking for something that needs to be ready the day I bottle it but don't want to wait a year before I can/should taste the fruits of my labor, not the first time anyway.
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    Quick/fast aging white?

    I'm getting my girlfriend a wine making set up for our anniversary that should be here tomorrow. Along with the equipment I'm getting a RJS Cru Select Platinum Shiraz. Through my days of reading this and other wine making websites I am seeing that this wine will be better with a year plus of...